Standing side by side, Ju Jingyi and Wu Xuanyi, both weighing 90 kg, saw that the gap between them was twice as thick?

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standing ju jingyi wu xuanyi

A fellow 90 Jin , Ju Jingyi and Wu Xuanyi stand side by side , See their waist , It's twice as big ?

Speaking of Ju Jingyi , Everyone is very familiar with , She now has a very loud title in the circle called “4000 New year beauty ”, And when it comes to good-looking female stars in the entertainment industry , The first thing you think of is Ju Jingyi . Ju Jingyi is also a popular flower in the circle now , She has enjoyed such high popularity and status since she was a member of the 18th line little women's League at the beginning , It's not easy

Ju Jingyi was also questioned all the way , But she doesn't care about the questions of netizens , It also makes everyone admire him , I feel Ju Jingyi's psychological endurance is still very strong . However, although Ju Jingyi has been questioned a lot , But people still adore her beauty , Especially Ju Jingyi's appearance in the microblog night activity last night .

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