Fan Bingbing had dinner with his friends, and the bulge of his belly was said to be pregnant. Netizens speculated one after another

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fan bingbing dinner friends bulge

Because of the collapse of popularity , Fan Bingbing has retired in recent years , And announced its activity at the beginning of this year . The news media still pay special attention to her . Every time she happens in front of the crowd , Will cause everyone's concern . according to the understanding of , At this stage , Fan Bingbing is considering from the fashion circle , And shoot several times . What is more successful is the brand endorsement of international cosmetics .

according to the understanding of , In the near future , Fan Bingbing is in a happy mood , There is no hiding place to eat with friends . A lot of paparazzi are following to take photos . At that time , Eat meal , Several people prepared to leave in advance , Fan Bingbing left with the top cover . She is wearing a loose light yellow long sleeved dress , Should be less self-contained . The abdomen looks a little protruding , So some people suspect that she is pregnant .

Some people deliberately comment on social media : Cold little sister is so big , Which one is the president's child pregnant ? Others commented that : Isn't it right to eat 900 million ? Naturally, many netizens apply to her . In general , The noise is very loud . generally speaking , They are roughly divided into 2 A first team , One is applicable , The other is crazy .

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