Deformation plan the only rural boy who can resist the temptation has gone out of the mountain village without taking the game seriously

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deformation plan rural boy resist

Speaking of 《 Deformable meter 》 This variety show , I believe everyone is familiar with , When this program was first broadcast, it also attracted a large number of viewers , Because the program is very meaningful , While letting urban children know their way back, they can also let rural children see the prosperity of the city , But I did 《 Deformable meter 》 Many urban children in have finally become Internet Celebrities , And rural children began to dislike their native families , This also makes this program controversial .

《 Deformable meter 》 The only rural boy who can resist the temptation , Didn't take the game seriously , I have walked out of the mountain village and lived a wonderful life . The child's name is Gao Zhanxi , He was born in a small mountain village in Qinghai Province , And the village he lives in is really very poor and backward , Gao Zhanxi's greatest wish is to get out of the mountain village , Change your reputation , And he studies very hard for this .

Gao Zhanxi said in the program that he has no entertainment in his spare time , The only entertainment is reading comic books . And he is not reading in his spare time , And help the family do farm work , I have to say that a child carries too much , Later, Gao Zhanxi was also selected to go to the city .

At first, he was also shocked by the prosperity of big cities , I went to my parents' house in the city , Gao Zhanxi also opened a luxury lifestyle , I don't read any more , Every day is watching TV and eating snacks , Everyone once thought that Gao Zhanxi had changed , Can't help the temptation . However, when he heard the news of his father's injury , Also immediately asked to go home , He said his sorghum was ripe , home , It will always be the place Gao Zhanxi misses most .

After the deformation gauge is finished , Gao Zhanxi also studied harder , It can be seen that I already have a goal in my heart , And he was finally admitted to the national defense of Hunan Normal University , Live their own wonderful , But his way to school is also supported by his city mother , What do you think of this ? Welcome comments

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