Du meizhusun is on the same flight with Jia Nailiang. Listen to her address to Jia Nailiang, do you know each other in private?

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du meizhusun flight jia nailiang.

Du meizhusun and Jia Nailiang are on the same flight , Listen to her address to Jia Nailiang , I know each other in private ?

Speaking of Du Meizhu , I believe we are all familiar , After the affair with the male star , Dumeizhu's mood is obviously much better , And also the content published on social platforms , All are open to netizens , It can be seen that Meizhu said goodbye to the male star completely ,

Recently, some netizens were looking at the trends of dumeizhu , I found a picture of Jia Nailiang , It's not the handsome photo of Jia Nailiang on his personal social platform , But private travel photos , On the same day, Meizhu and Jia Nailiang were on the same plane , They didn't sit together , In the photo , Jia Nailiang looks very leisurely ,

Moreover, Meizhu calls Jia Nailiang brother Liang , After taking a picture of Jia Nailiang , He also specifically said that he was : Brother Liang in a daze ! It seems that Meizhu is not just a chance encounter with Jia Nailiang , From her address , I feel that they are somewhat familiar , It's not that I don't know , But Jia Nailiang focuses on the entertainment industry , There is basically no intersection with the online red on the platform , Then why on earth did he run into Du Meizhu ?

And Jia Nailiang never mentioned the name of Du Meizhu publicly , What do you think of this ?

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