Kim Kardashian broke through again! All black new shape, only show your eyes and mouth, take your baby to Kanye party

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kim kardashian broke black new

Kim Kardashian's breakthrough in modeling is really admirable , Her ever-changing style gives people a lot of surprises , Concave and convex body , Control different dressing styles , It is worthy of being a fashion boss ! Kim Kardashian's divorce from her husband Kanye is being handled , Now the relationship with Kanye seems to have eased a little , Sister Jin took the children to Kanye's brand party , It's really saving face . And Kim Kardashian's look this time , It's amazing .

All black modeling is too exaggerated

Black looks really thin , But if it's black from head to toe , Don't let go of your face , This style is too exaggerated . however , Sister Jin's clothes are not random , She is based on the theme of Kanye's party .

Fashion elements : braided hair ; All black series

Kim Kardashian has always liked to wear tight series , She wrapped her face this time , Only a pair of eyes and mouth , Such a style is really beyond the control of ordinary people ! Holding 3 My daughter, Chicago , Daughter Chicago doesn't look bad at all , I've felt my mother's strange clothes since I was a child .

This is the all black series , Sister Jin should also make a breakthrough in this style . Slim waist , Made from tight pants , Ant waist and bee hip have always been the characteristics of Kim Kardashian . Sister Jin's collocation combines many elements , This super long braided hair , It's also a bright spot .

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