After her divorce, she raised her son alone for 29 years. Now her son is famous, and her ex husband comes out to rub the heat?

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divorce raised son years. years

She raised her son alone after her divorce 29 year , Now his son is famous , My ex husband came out to rub the heat ?

Singer Zhong Xiaoping experienced such an unhappy marriage , Later, after divorce, I lived with my children . In fact, she is very famous for the previous generation , Many of her songs were very popular . But then she met the fire wind , Because they are both singers , And appreciate each other , It didn't take long to choose to get married . It was just when she was developing very well , And she seldom came out to work after marriage , Naturally, I gave up my career , Many people are very sorry .

Today, let's talk about this great mother , Huo Zun's mother is called Zhong Xiaoping , I believe in the early days , You can still know her name , Teng Lijun's songs were brought to the stage by her , She is also the first person in mainland China to bring Teng Lijun's songs to the stage . And she was , The popularity is definitely higher than that of Huofeng , Huofeng may be one of his songs that everyone should still know now is 《 Big sedan chair 》, But apart from this song , Rarely hear his other songs , When Zhong Xiaoping got married to take care of her family , So he left the show business , Start taking care of the family .

Zhong Xiaoping's marriage with Huofeng , It is also because the fire wind comes to the Buddha wholeheartedly, regardless of the family , One has the freedom to choose , But if you don't care about your family for yourself , More or less selfish , When Huofeng and Zhong Xiaoping divorced , Huo Zun is still very young . Today's fire wind , Watching my son achieve such impressive results , I think I'm also happy , And in the process of Huo Zun becoming famous , It is Zhong Xiaoping who quietly pays behind her —— A great mother .

Now Huo Zun has become famous , His father Huofeng was mentioned again , I don't know if the fire wind is rubbing huozun's heat , After all, after all these years , Few people can remember the fire wind singing the sedan chair , If Huo Zun wasn't so famous now , I believe Huofeng has not been mentioned by many people . But anyway , After all, they are father and son , I also hope the two can have better communication in music , Bring us better songs !

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