Let's welcome the sexy role of the suicide team

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let welcome sexy role suicide

《X Task force : The whole staff assembled 》 One of the stars ,Rick Flag Actor Joel · Kinnaman is on the Australian Version 《L'Officiel Fashion Book Hommes》 The cover of a new magazine , Sweat in the hot sun , Looming muscle lines , The Swedish male God continues to emit sexy hormones off the screen .

Except for two 《 Suicide squads 》, Joel · Kinnaman is 《 Murder 》、 new edition 《 robocop 》、《 House of CARDS 》(S4&S5)、《 copy 》、《 Hannah 》、《 For all mankind 》 And other works have devoted wonderful performances , With tall and sexy appearance and increasingly sophisticated acting skills , With Alexander · Scarsgarde and others have become the most famous in Hollywood “ Made in Sweden ” A representative .

“ Angel face devil figure ” Interpreter :

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