"Chinese restaurant 5" has an explosive face. Why did the film emperor and empress rush at the variety show with "four small"

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chinese restaurant explosive face. face

National variety show 《 Chinese Restaurant 》 It's season 5 .

In previous issues , The highest score is the first and second seasons , Later, the Chinese restaurant guests have been changing , But word of mouth is not as good as in previous seasons .

In season 5 , Finally ushered in a big change of blood .

Huang Xiaoming is still the store manager , The other five members are newcomers .

quiet , Gong Jun , Zhou also , Ding Zhen , Yao Anna and others joined , Gather the top flow , It triggered a heated debate among the audience .

However , After two episodes , Controversial , The heat is also , But it seems to have changed , The hot comment area on Douban is occupied by bad comments .

The movie queen , There are also several popular stars , Why does the program have a good hand? Why does it ” Play to powder ”? Where exactly does the reason appear ?

01,“ Too much of a good thing “ Angle selection of

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