Luo Zhixiang said he would try to return to his original position, but the three facts could not be changed

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luo zhixiang said try return

Is Luo Zhixiang a tainted artist ? For him, this question is how to position himself in the entertainment industry , I believe you already know .

There's nothing wrong with him being an artist , But can you come back , All this has become so far away .

8 month 8 On the th, Luo Zhixiang responded to the topic of fans' return on his personal account , This is also Luo Zhixiang's time after more than half a year , Finally responded to the fans for the first time .

That's how he responded : I won't disappear , Give me some time , I will try to get back to my original position , Because of you . And fans responded : That's true. , You can do it , take your time , Go ahead together .

Fans still hold a very tolerant attitude towards Luo Zhixiang , And it is not difficult to see that everyone is slowly waiting for his return .

But back to today's entertainment industry , Return to real life and talk about , Can Luo Zhixiang really return to his former position ? The answer is No , Because there is 3 There's an important reason .

The first is that the whole entertainment industry has changed , It's not the entertainment industry anymore . And the entertainment industry we're talking about , It must be the exchange between Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland . Obviously everyone knows , After experiencing Wu Yifan , You see some big changes in the entertainment industry .

For example, several stars handled rumors and alarms , Even a lawyer's letter is too lazy to send , Even song Zude called names 14 This artist has something to do with Wu Yifan , And those who used to be close , Have taken the initiative to hide and “ disappear ” Get up . What's the reason ? You know very well .

Why talk about Wu Yifan here ? Because he is a typical tainted artist in the entertainment industry . It happened that Luo Zhixiang made the same level of mistakes as Wu Yifan in the eyes of the public . So the first thing is for sure , Luo Zhixiang is in the eyes of the public , You can't save your image .

The second is about all kinds of stains in the entertainment industry S command , It can almost be said that there is no previous tolerant attitude . Let's take a look at Fan Bingbing's position in the past and his current state , We can clearly know Luo Zhixiang's future situation .

There is no tolerance , It means that Luo Zhixiang was directly abandoned .

The word stain now seems , It's not so easy to wash in the entertainment industry , The Internet has memories , So Luo Zhixiang said he tried his best to return to his original position , How can I get back to this position ?

The last point is that I have experienced too many things , There is no inclusiveness in the entertainment industry , Especially for tainted artists . The entertainment industry is changing so fast , What can Luo Zhixiang bring to you ? Or what his fans are waiting for him ?

What is positive energy ? How to define the future star artists ? This audience is not a fool , In the age of the Internet , Stars are no longer high above “ Hold the Lord ”, He is almost on an equal footing with wanghong . So when the star's aura is no longer so tall , Everything has changed , Luo Zhixiang wants to go back to the past , It is difficult to , There is little possibility .

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