Shu Qi sun photos show love! 47 year old Feng Delun is gray and handsome. He was misunderstood as a father?

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shu qi sun photos love

8 month 9 Japan , It's the famous actor Feng Delun 47 birthday , His wife Shu Qi posted a document and took photos on the social platform for the first time and sent birthday wishes to her husband , And a show of love , I really envy others .

Shu Qi wrote that :“ I wanted to put your invincible handsome photo , But in line with my personality of not Versailles, let you go , well , teacher 、 Old friend 、 Husband 、 Happy birthday, Peace and joy to you ”. It seems that Feng Delun has many roles in Shu Qi's mind , It's important .

It can be seen from the picture that Feng Delun is plain , Although the picture is a little fuzzy , You can also see that his beard is white , But still handsome , He held a cake in his hand , Looks very happy , The state of the face is not at all 47 Year old look .

Some netizens sent blessings after seeing Shu Qi drying photos to celebrate her husband's birthday , Actor Yang Youning also said “ I thought he was a father , Good. It's my birthday ”, It seems that Feng Delun has been misunderstood as a father .

There are also netizens blessing, Feng Delun said “ My sister still lost , Happy birthday to my brother-in-law , It's all fuzzy , I also wish you happiness forever ”.

Shu Qi and Feng Delun in 2014 The love affair was exposed in , Shu Qi also officially announced their relationship , Many netizens have sent blessings to them , Two people in 2016 Entered the palace of marriage in , Now get married 5 Years are still as sweet as first love , But the couple enjoyed their world together , Married for five years without having children .

After marriage, both husband and wife are very low-key , But I often show my love , But they have also been married , Neither husband nor wife responded positively to these rumors , But with a stable emotional state to explain everything .

Shu Qi has been on a variety show recently 《 Fifty kilometers to Taohuawu 》 There are wonderful performances in , Feng Delun rarely shows up .

Bless Feng Delun 47 Happy birthday , I also hope he can continue to be happy with Shu Qi , I wonder when they will let netizens hear better news ?

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