Xueba actors with high face value and high education are not silly white sweet, but beautiful talented women, which has attracted much attention

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xueba actors high face value

She is a Xueba actress with high appearance and high education , It's not a silly white sweet, but a beautiful talented woman , high-profile

Many people always have a stereotype effect , I don't think those with high looks can be Xueba , Xueba can't have a high face value . Is that really the case ? Now let me overthrow this... Together “ The myth ” Well ! Today, let's talk about a master's star , Her name is Pan Zhilin , Yes ” The most beautiful talented woman in the south of the Yangtze River “ The title of the person .

Pan Zhilin is a child star , Fortunately, she 9 I started with Su Youpeng at the age of , Zhao Wei filmed together , The play is called 《 Happy old house 》, She plays the little petrel , Since then, there have been many fans .13 After year , She took part 《 Fall in love with you 》 Shooting .

Unlike Tang Yan's “ Millennium Mary Sue ”, Pan Zhilin is a man with his own ideas , Rely on the courage to break through your perseverance , She tried many types of roles , Every change is amazing , What impressed me most was what she took 《 A mounting 》, An anti Japanese drama . It's a good work that people want to see again after reading .

From now on , I fell in love with Pan Zhilin . Beauty is not the main reason , There are too many beautiful actresses in the entertainment industry , Most of the reasons for supporting her are that she doesn't go with the flow , The spirit of challenging yourself . This is a trait that many stars don't have , What she has is really valuable .

Pan Zhilin doesn't play big cards , No princess , She is a girl as close as her sister next door . She has a master's degree , She's an actress , She is Pan Zhilin .

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