Why can't we make farewell my concubine again? It's inevitable for film and television to be traffic and entertainment!

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make farewell concubine inevitable film

Li Bihua's masterpiece 《 Farewell my concubine 》, I haven't read the original , I've only seen movies . I've heard this story before , Also know a little . I glanced at several clips on TV . It's been bitter . To show respect for this long-awaited good film , I bought a genuine one for the first time DVD. then , On a winter night , Wrapped in a quilt and holding black tea .

For example, in all Li's works , In addition to the magical beauty of reversing the vicissitudes of life , Love, hate, love and hatred , And characters are vivid , Seems to want to live in front of us . Zhang Fengyi's small building just wants to pull up the mountain , Zhang Guorong's butterfly clothes are heartbreaking and soft . On the red rafter , Farewell my concubine , Combination of hardness and softness , Chivalrous tenderness , I'm afraid it won't attract many women , doomed eternally ? amitabha .

《 Farewell my concubine 》 When shooting , Chen Kaige is only 41 years old , China's film market has not developed to the point where commercialization and box office compromise are needed . At this time, Chen Kaige was ambitious , Want to find out the truth of human nature 、 good 、 evil , At the same time, they want to shake the rolling wheel of history , Bring the heavy one . therefore , stay 《 Farewell my concubine 》 in , We saw actors and actresses covered in pink , They have lived a wandering life for 53 years , But they have no past , Instead, it has painted 53 years of history with strong colors .

The play is based on a small building , Cheng Dieyi , Or a small building , Cheng Dieyi , The rolling history of . The audience is in a trance . It was just a moment or two : Even the camera is in a trance , At the moment of grasping the paragraph from the back , People are in a trance , The lens is cut around , Everyone was stunned , The mirror was stunned .

《 Farewell my concubine 》 How do you say ?

There are some “ fate ” It's also forced .

When Cheng Dieyi was young , His name is not Dieyi , But the actor's stage name butterfly clothes . When I was young , Dieyi is a man with six fingers , He can never be on the table . At that time, his name was Xiaodou . Cold winter , Xiaodou's mother froze Xiaodou's hands to numbness , He cut off his sixth little finger with his own strength . That's what it means , It has completely cut off the connection between mother and son , Except when Dieyi dreamed, he was addicted to smoking , Mother and son never met again . The master of the drama class finally accepted the handsome boy because of the refusal of the mother and son , Trained him to be the hero of the future actor .

From the beginning of Beijing drama class , Dieyi has deep feelings with Xiaolou

We can see many moving pictures : The building was punished , Kneel in the yard at night and winter , And Dieyi looked at him through the window, upset . When the building comes back , He is naked , But wrapped in a quilt in a small building . Then it's hard for everyone to forget the scene of them sleeping together . Dieyi hugged the building tightly , As if afraid of losing him . And Xiaolou's love for Dieyi identity , He began to know that Dieyi didn't want to learn Beijing Opera . That time , He put butterfly clothes , Despite his reluctance . Then let the boss come , Dieyi can't sing well 《 I'm girl jiao'e 》, And burn him with a pipe , So Dieyi sang right for the first time .

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