Why is er Pang Jiang Yan called Er Pang Jiang Yan to break up with Zhu Yuchen? What's the reason

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Mention the name Jiang Yan , I don't know if you remember , Jiang Yan's career has developed smoothly all the way , As early as 05 Partner Feng Gong in 、 Li Qi acted in the sketch , And enter the entertainment industry to develop . Many years in the circle , Jiang Yan appeared, looked down and didn't see, looked up and saw 、 LOHAS family 、 Funny family and other works . With excellent acting skills , Jiang Yan gained many fans , It also has the title of two fat , For this title , Many viewers don't understand , Why is er Pang Jiang Yan called Er Pang ?

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In terms of stature , Jiang Yan is not fat , Why is er Pang Jiang Yan called Er Pang ? Although Jiang Yan is in good shape now , But after Jiang Yan was admitted to the school , Eat and drink every day . Then school began , The chubby Jiang Yan shocked the teacher , Then everyone began to call her er Pang , The name "Er Pang" also continues to the present . Later, Jiang Yan succeeded in slimming down , Also successfully entered the entertainment industry , With his excellent acting skills, he was noticed by many people , The career development along the way is fairly smooth .

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With her career developing smoothly, she had a relationship with Zhu Yuchen , The relationship is going well , When they are in love , Very sweet . Later, Zhu Yuchen participated in the program , Also revealed the details of getting along with Jiang Yan , Harvest full of blessings . But then the news of breaking up came out on the Internet , Both of them acquiesced to this . As for the reason of breaking up , Many people say it's a personality mismatch , But after knowing Zhu Yuchen's mother , Only then do we understand the real reason , Mother Zhu's desire for control is a little too strong .

Why is er Pang Jiang Yan called Er Pang

I have learned why Er Pang Jiang Yan is called Er Pang , After breaking up with Zhu Yuchen , Jiang Yan has little news about her feelings , In recent years, although Jiang Yan has also appeared in some film and television dramas , But her sense of existence is not strong , Popularity also declined . I hope Jiang Yan can develop her career at the same time , Be able to meet your own happiness as soon as possible , Bless Jiang Yan , Also looking forward to her next new works .

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