Xu Lu is so thin that she can "raise fish by clavicle". She is dissatisfied with a small sling, but she is very feminine

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xu lu raise fish clavicle

It's hot , Our clothes will change with the change of temperature . It's an age of freedom to dress , So girls can boldly choose their favorite items to wear , Like sexy and hot suspenders, they are very popular items .

The small sling not only has a sexy and hot temperament , For a hot summer day , It is also a very refreshing and cool piece , So it is very suitable to match . Many goddesses and fashionistas love small suspenders , Xu Lu is one of them . Her little sling look It's remarkable , If you don't believe it, let's have a look .

Xu Lu's sling look Wear analysis :

In this summer season without suspenders , Many people are looking forward to the effect of wearing small suspenders . But a lot of mm Because of their body was discouraged , In fact, you don't have to , There are many types and styles of small suspenders now , Whether you're a very thin body , Still a fat figure , You can find a style that suits you . No matter how bad it is, you can start with collocation , So refuse the sling anxiety .

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