Qin ziyue mentioned that he was born with his mother's surname. Nie yuan: Chinese people have to abide by tradition. Netizens are angry

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qin ziyue mentioned born mother

“ Men are afraid of getting into the wrong business and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man ”

This is a tradition left by the older generation , It is said that marriage is a woman's second life , A good marriage completely changes a kind of life , Marry badly , It's also true to die in peace , After all, it's easier to get married than to divorce .

Especially after having children , Parents make do for their children , As long as the mother is wronged for her child's good, she can accept , But now many families are not going to divorce .

But many girls do not know that they are marrying the wrong person, which makes people look distressed , Recently I saw a variety show called 《 The man who does the housework 》, This program could have been called circle powder .

Because it is respected to let men do housework , Some star families can also let people know more about themselves through this program , It's just that if there's a circle of powder, there's a drop of powder , But I didn't expect that Nie yuan dropped the powder this time .

Qin ziyueti was born with a second child “ My mother's surname is ”, Nie Yuan : Chinese people should abide by tradition , The net friend nu

Before Nie yuan, it was equivalent to being unknown and not popular , But because a Yanxi strategy was successful , Seeing Nie yuan's steadiness and responsibility for his family makes people feel that this good man is too pink .

But I didn't expect that when the real life was exposed , Just know how annoying this man is , There is such a scene in the program , Nie yuan slept until the afternoon 2 spot , And during this period, from noon 10 Nie yuan's father-in-law and mother-in-law cooked for him when he ordered .

But Nie yuan didn't wake up, so he kept warming up during this period , I'm afraid Nie yuan has no food to eat when he wakes up , During this period, his father-in-law and mother-in-law didn't eat, waiting for him , At noon, at two o'clock in the afternoon, when he woke up, the whole family began to eat .

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