The star's secret love object, Lin Zhiling and He Rundong cooperate with the secret love object, and Andy Lau can only fall in love with each other

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The most indispensable thing in the entertainment industry is handsome men and beautiful women , They may all have cooperated because of their work , Or because some film and television works will have a good impression on someone , Thus the heart has a secret love . Now let's learn about the secret love objects of those stars .

Hao Shaowen was once a child star named after Shi Xiaolong , The two child stars have cooperated in many film and television works , It is the childhood memory of many people . But Hao Shaowen's development in the entertainment industry is not smooth , Although the image of a bald little fat man in his childhood goes deep into the hearts of the people , But later, due to academic reasons, he no longer had a bald head and stopped his acting career . When Hao Shaowen returns many years later , His popularity is no longer , He has acted in several films , But his response was not big . Later, Hao Shaowen was on 《 Kangxi is here 》 When this program , Someone broke the news that Hao Shaowen had a crush , I like Xu Ruoxin very much . Hao Shaowen did not deny this , Instead, he blushed , Admit that Xu Ruoxin is very beautiful , I always want to show my best in front of her .

Many years ago, when He Rundong was promoting his new album , When it comes to the subject of secret love , He Rundong drew a cartoon , What's more, the cartoon is the image of the perfect lover in his mind . Careful Netizens found that He Rundong's secret love object is Sun Li through the details of the cartoon . Many years later , He Rundong cooperated with Sun Li 《 That Year flowers bloom and the moon is round 》, And also played a couple .

One of them was 《 The Palace 》 A lot of young actors are popular , For example, Yang Mi 、 William Feng 、 He Shengming, wait , They all became popular stars at that time . The audience is interested in 《 The Palace 》 Their comments can be said to be mixed , But I have to admit the success of the play . As the protagonists, Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng have also become the object of attention of many people , Feng Shaofeng also admitted that there was confusion when shooting the play , I can't distinguish between inside and outside the play , I used to be very fond of Yang Mi , Loved Yang Mi .

Lin Zhiling is famous in the entertainment circle for her perfect figure and ultra-high Eq , As the first beautiful woman in Taiwan, Lin Zhiling also has a secret love object , He is Andy Lau , Lin Zhiling is a big fan of Andy Lau , She once said she had seen every work of Andy Lau . stay 2005 The moment of embracing Andy Lau at the Golden Horse Award Ceremony in , She still has endless aftertaste . stay 2013 year , Lin Zhiling cooperated with Andy Lau to make a film 《 Fuchun Mountain Residence 》, Fulfilled the dream of cooperating with idols .

Andy Lau, who was secretly loved by others, also had a secret love object , She is Chen Yulian . Andy Lau and Yulian Chen once co filmed 《 The Brave Archer and His Mate 》, Played Yang Guo and Xiao Longnv respectively , There are a lot of scenes . There are also many stories between Andy Lau and Chen Yulian , What I have to say is the story of Andy Lau's secret love for Chen Yulian , But Chen Yulian was in love with Zhou Runfa , Andy Lau and Chow Yun fat are good friends , Therefore, Chen Yulian's unrequited love can only end without illness .

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