Because ugly only plays villain stars, her daughter looks like a school flower and her wife is more beautiful!

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ugly plays villain stars daughter

Stars in the entertainment industry , I believe that many friends will think of some high-profile and powerful stars , And in the performing arts circle, there are many people with great strength , But an actor who is not very beautiful ,《 The Brave Archer and His Mate 》 Qiu Qianchi, the original wife who was pushed down the cave by Gongsun , She can't move her hands and feet , But he lived in the cave for more than ten years , It's just ugly to a new height .

In fact, the role player is actor Li Ming , Although Qiu Qianchi is made up , But in reality, Li Ming is also very ugly , Li mingzai 《 Hands up 》 Once played a traitor , This play can be regarded as a less heavy Anti Japanese play , But because of his superb acting , Someone will bring him into the role , When I took a taxi , When the driver saw him , Just left a sentence :“ I don't pull traitors ”, He drove away , It made him very helpless , I thought it was funny , A joke :“ Did I get rejected ?”

Although the appearance is not high , But in reality, he is a very down-to-earth person , He is also very good to his wife . Nowadays, Li Ming often guest stars in some film and television works , Although not starring , But his acting also makes the work more interesting , He has made little achievements in his acting career , In life, there is a beautiful wife , It can be said that he is also an actor who has a good harvest in family and career in the entertainment circle .

Recently, Li Ming posted a beautiful picture of his daughter on his microblog , After seeing Li Ming's face , Many friends think that Li Ming's daughter's appearance will not be beautiful , But after seeing the picture , Many netizens said it was a feeling of heartbeat , It can even be used to describe , From the picture , If teacher Li Ming's daughter is in school , How can it be regarded as the school flower level .

Although Li Ming is ugly , But he married a beautiful wife , In a show , Li Ming's wife said : Although Li Ming looks ugly to outsiders , But she is a person who doesn't care about appearance , What she likes is Li Ming's diligence , Willing to suffer , Don't complain . It's a blessing to be popular with your appearance , Acting and morality are the real actors , What do you think ?

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