Love maze? Chen Lu unilaterally announces the love affair. Huo Zunmo keeps silent and doesn't respond~

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love maze chen lu unilaterally

8 Japan , Youmeng Island Chen Lu Sun out with Huo Zun Group photo of , And with “ love ” expression , It seems that Guan Xuan is in love . In the photo , The girl leaned close against Huo Zun's arms , Both were dressed in black , Smile at the camera , It's sweet .

At 9:18 p.m., the official announced , The time is just right for Huo Zun's birthday .

Group photo of Chen lushai and Huo Zun , Guan Xuan's love , Fans all said in the comment area , After so many years, I finally waited for Guan Xuan , So they've been together for a long time ?

however , After Chen Lu took a group photo , Huo Zun did not respond , look , It's like unilaterally announcing a relationship . Although the woman sent a blog with Aite, the man , And the man didn't respond , It makes everyone feel so embarrassed , More puzzling .

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