The song and song Premiere is the first to make complaints about the performance. Cheng Yi's performance is praised. The hostess is set up by the tuckus.

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song song premiere make complaints

Costume TV series 《 Song with Jun 》 premiere , Cheng Yi plays emperor Qi Yan , The female leader is Cheng Ruoyu , Always protect Qi Yan's safety , She is his right hand , The two men joined hands against the hostile forces .

Cheng Yi starred 《 Glass 》 Known to the audience , The ancient costume looks gentle 、 Handsome and beautiful .《 Song with Jun 》 premiere , Cheng Yi's acting skills are recognized , It's really a play .

In the play, Qi Yan is controlled by others , Cheng Yi put the young emperor's forbearance 、 The noble interpretation is just right , You must be black to be invincible .

Conspiracy and sweet love , The story of double faced emperors and female bodyguards , Character settings are super sensational .

You two met for the first time , Qi Yan is overbearing , In red , Wearing a hat , Think Cheng Ruoyu is a killer , I can't believe she's as stupid as the portrait .

The plot twists and turns , Male and female starring Skills Online , People carry the ratings ,《 Song with Jun 》 premiere , The ratings won the first .

《 Song with Jun 》 Ratings have soared , More than other platforms in the same period .

As a star play , Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi didn't let people down .

《 Song with Jun 》 Broadcast , Cheng Yi also came out for business , as everyone knows , Cheng Yi is immersed in filming , The starring TV series are open frequently only when they are broadcast .

Cheng Yi asked :“ Are you chasing plays ?”

He showed off his side of the play , Seriously appreciate what you look like in the play , I don't know how I feel when I see my role ?

Cheng Yi's acting skills are always online , Let go of your guard when facing the hostess , In the face of the enemy, his eyes are murderous, but he must bear it , Turn around and lift your eyes, with that ruthless force in your eyes , Through the eyes , See the fierce contradiction in his heart , Every movement and expression is just right .

The enemy calculated Qi Yan , Qi Yan is highly nervous , Act ruthlessly .

The man is black and has a plan , The hostess is a little silly and sweet , Act rashly , Think things are too simple , You have to rely on men to lead .

Zhang Yuxi is a female official with excellent martial arts , Protect the emperor as a sword bearer , Compared with Qiu Yanzhi around , The brain is completely offline , It feels unreliable , Look at things only on the surface .

The audience is tired of watching the ancient costume idol drama silly white sweet female , therefore , Cheng make complaints about the netizens' Tucao , It makes people anxious , Destroy Qi Yan's plan many times .

We have to give Cheng Ruoyu some time to grow up , Breaking through the south wall can grow . Cheng Ruoyu can't keep up with Qi Yan's rhythm , It's loyal , Wholeheartedly protect the Lord , Willing to protect with life .

Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi have CP sense , They are very sweet , Man “ To set up a favorite wife ” To fail , If the noodles are not delicious, they will bear to eat , Because Cheng Ruoyu likes .

Qiu Yanzhi stirs up discord , Qi Yan :“ I won't keep her , Don't leave you !”

《 Song with Jun 》 How do you feel? ?

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