Are you my glory a hit? After catching up with Qiao Jingjing on the way, the little white rabbit turns into a rogue rabbit

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glory hit catching qiao jingjing

《 You are my glory 》 No score yet , But because of the extreme reduction of the details of the novel , The play has a good harvest in both audience rating and public praise , But is this play really a hit ? By watching the latest Trailer , Yutu finally found that he liked Qiao Jingjing , When he succeeded in catching up with Qiao Jingjing , Unexpectedly “ Little white rabbit ” become “ Rogue rabbit ”, What's the matter ?

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As the plot updates , Qiao Jingjing once again summoned up her courage and confessed on the way , Through this advertising play , We can feel that dirieba's acting has really improved , At first, Qiao Jingjing's eyes were bright , Very happy smile , After being rejected by Yu Tu again , Although she kept smiling , But the smile in my eyes disappeared , And hold back tears , Make the audience feel distressed .

Seeing Yu Tu refuse Qiao Jingjing again , We can only say one word :“ Proud and charming for a while , A crematorium for a wife .” On the way back to work , He began to think about why he , But in the process of thinking , He finally found out that he liked Qiao Jingjing , Next , Various behaviors on the way , Show us vividly “ Little white rabbit ” change “ Rogue rabbit ”.

When Tu started teaching Qiao Jingjing to play games , He came to Qiao Jingjing's house , When the other party didn't let him in , He just stood outside the door , Until Qiao Jingjing invited him in , When it's time to get off work , Yu Tu will say that he is leaving , Take the subway home seriously , Report on time every day , Also bring breakfast according to Qiao Jingjing's requirements .

When Yu Tu began to pursue Qiao Jingjing , He wrote to Qiao Jingjing first , Answer the student period , He didn't answer Qiao Jingjing's aerospace question , And ask at the end of the letter :“ Crystal , During the Spring Festival , Are you going back to Yixing ?” Yu Tu didn't get Qiao Jingjing's reply , He started chasing his wife. The second step , I ran straight to the car , In this way, two people will have enough time to get along , Our Qiao Jingjing closed her eyes and rested in the name of tired , Prevent both sides from being too embarrassed , here , Yu Tu takes the initiative to attack , Perform classic clips “ Che Dong ”, This is the time , Qiao Jingjing has begun to forgive Yu Tu .

Yu Tu's EQ is very high , After rubbing the car , He directly left his driver's license in Qiao Jingjing's car , thus , He has reason to meet Qiao Jingjing again , Then the two succeeded in coming together .

After Yu Tu and Qiao Jingjing were together , His careful thinking can't hide , When Yu Tu is about to leave , Qiao Jingjing told him to pay attention to safety on the road , But Yu Tu doesn't want to leave at all , Direct said :“ Tonight? , I live here .” here , Qiao Jingjing is sleepless , Although our teacher Yu is very bold , But we can only say well done .

In addition to staying overnight , Yu Tu also follows Qiao Jingjing's routine , Under the pretext of helping her upgrade , But deliberately lose the game , Qiao Jingjing's focus is on losing the game , Completely unaware of the time , When Qiao Jingjing found it was very late , Yu tushun put forward :“ It's very late today , Why don't you live in my house !” This is the time , Qiao Jingjing found herself caught in the routine .

《 You are my glory 》 After the broadcast , A word appears on the Internet “ Rabbit boyfriend ”, refer to : Will make you look handsome 、 High IQ 、 Considerate and cultured Yutu as an ideal boyfriend , But Yu Tu's surface is soft, cute, pure and harmless , In fact, I'm black and think carefully , That's it , Qiao Jingjing became Yu Tu's “ The wife ”, The person I liked when I was a student , He slept right next to me .

Judging from the current heat ,《 You are my glory 》 It has become a hit play , The play awakened many peers , Only respect the original , Respect Book powder , Respect the public's aesthetic , Don't change the plot , Will be recognized by the audience .

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