Uncover the true inside story of the breakup between 26 year old rap champion Yang Hesu and his girlfriend Zhang Xinyue

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Yesterday afternoon 16:00 Yang Hesu suddenly posted on his microblog that he had peacefully broken up with his girlfriend Zhang Xinyue , Bring in a melon eating crowd , Some netizens said they didn't know Yang Hesu and Zhang Xinyue , Some netizens mistook Zhang Xinyue for Lin �o My wife thinks it's another big melon , And some of them CP Fans have expressed their disbelief , And they have been asking the reason for breaking up under their microblog , Let's uncover the real reason why Yang and Su broke up with Zhang Xinyue .

Yang and Su are male hip hop rappers in mainland China , Many people know him because they are 2019 year , Yang and Su participate in iqiyi music talent show 《 Chinese new rap 2019》, And finally won the national finals , Made him famous , So many talents may not be familiar with Zhang Xinyue , Yang and Su are still known by many people .

But he and Zhang Xinyue have a long history , They have known each other for a long time , Before they made their debut, they were both friends who loved music very much , Later, they joined together to participate in 2016 Zhejiang satellite TV talent show 《 New song of China 》, Yang Hesu and Zhang Xinyue form “ Low key combination ” Competition , Finally, he won the top three of Jay Chou's group 、 The national 12 Strong good grades , And they are also jokingly called by fans “ A low profile CP”.

After their debut, they wrote many beautiful songs together , such as 《 Dating king Tuai 》《 End, start 》《R!CH》《 Half centimeter 》 《FAST》 wait , Are deeply loved by young netizens . But a smooth career doesn't mean that it's the same emotionally , Their songs have brought them great popularity , But their relationship was in crisis , In fact, this is not the first time that two people broke up .

Not long ago, it was reported on the Internet that Yang Hesu and Zhang Xinyue broke up , Fans feel heartache , Persuade them to think about and cherish each other . Indeed, after all, they have been together for many years. How can couples break up when they say they break up ? It wasn't long before they got back together , And a few days ago, they performed together and hugged each other , Netizens are very pleased .

But there is a saying that only you know if the shoes fit , How do others know the inside story ? The strength of two people between lovers is equal , And like the same, they are all singers , And a partner , Often work problems will directly affect feelings , Stick together all the time , Lack of space for each other , Lack of a sense of distance between people , Often very bad for each other's feelings , So in the cooperation of two people 《 All gone 》 The lyrics seem to say heartache , It also predicts that their relationship will end without illness .

Although both of them sent microblogs of peaceful breakup at the same time, many people still expressed disbelief , And guess if someone cheated and broke up , For a time, it triggered a heated discussion among many netizens , But soon after, Yang and Su responded that they sent a document to explain and put an end to this relationship , Inadvertently hot search and marketing . I hope you are rational , And stop malicious Marketing , They don't need this heat .

Feelings are still two people's business after all , It's hard for fans to accept, but it's their business , Various reasons are unknown to others , The important thing is that two people have been with each other for so many years and grow up with each other , As a singer, the most important thing is to create good songs to bring to fans , I hope netizens don't pay too much attention to their relationship, and more importantly, they look forward to bringing you better new songs .

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