I won't say that the family drama of talk show is not a good comedy. The exploration of "concept breakthrough" in "beautiful love for you"

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won say family drama talk

As a classic type of domestic drama , Family drama can be called " Internal volume " The most serious one . In the impression of many viewers , The stories of domestic family dramas often struggle to put a dojo in the shell of a snail , Around the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law 、 father-in-law and his son-in-law 、 Core contradictions such as sister-in-law and ex-wife and ex-husband promote the plot , Often subject to " On the feather " The question of .

There are certainly biased factors , But it also reminds us : In the present , If domestic family dramas want to realize " Theme breakthrough ", Basically, it is to achieve " Conceptual breakthrough ". Especially from the details of life , Reflect changing family values , And on a real basis , Show an idealized family concept that resonates and yearns for .

By Zhang Jiayi 、 Sha Yi 、 Liu mintao 、 SUN Hao starred , Song Dandan 、 Wang Zixuan 、 Manifesto starred in , Chen Meiyi 、 Jiang Guannan 、 Starring Dai Wenwen , You Yong Zhi 、 Du yuan 、 Zhang Dongsheng 、 Li Yeping 、 Zhang Lei played the role of friendship 《 My love for you is beautiful 》, It is a humorous plot + Surprisingly pleasing people create a relaxed comic atmosphere , Integrate family affection into the story 、 Love and Reflection on life , Family comedy with empathic topics and emotional points implanted . The film was played by 《 The right way in the world is the vicissitudes of life 》 The TV series directed by Han Xiaojun , The Golden Eagle solo theater and mango will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV today TV Heavy end . Since the broadcast , Under the strong plot and comic appearance, the play shows the audience a new concept of family , Create a refreshing family drama viewing experience .

The topic setting of TV series , In the final analysis, it is about the creator's contribution to society 、 The human nature 、 Cognition of the times . No matter the way of presentation is realistic 、 Humor or idealization , Only by touching the audience's empathy for public topics , Will really trigger the effect and value .《 My love for you is beautiful 》 For social topics 、 Give consideration to entertainment topics and emotional topics , It reflects the creator's care for the audience of all ages .

《 My love for you is beautiful 》 Wang Xiaomi, played by Chen Meiyi, accidentally found that she had two fathers with great differences in material conditions and other aspects : Zhang Jiayi's adoptive father Wang Dashan is a restaurant owner with a warm character , In order to create better material conditions for the family, I have never suffered less , But never lose dignity in order to make money , Always maintain due pride in the face of wealth ; Sha Yi's biological father Ke Lei is a natural and unrestrained talk show host , Although the career is beautiful, the economy is independent , But I never imagined that I would undertake the so-called " Family responsibility ". As a talk show lover , Wang Xiaomi is entangled in the love of parenting and childbearing , But resolutely embarked on the road of actively seeking reconciliation , Finally, I also reaped the fruits of my growth , And opened a colorful life .

The core of comedy is to offend , Is to break through the stereotypes that are difficult to break through in the audience's impression . This is what 《 My love for you is beautiful 》 The success of setting up the topic of intergenerational relations : Not only are they equal in the form of discussion , And we can't avoid topics that may cause heated debate in the field of public opinion . for example , After Corey showed up , Liu mintao's mother Luo Qing transferred herself and Wang Dashan from " Looting " Get to know each other 、 With other people's children " flash marriage " When the past comes out , This leads to how parents should tell their children " Black history " This is a problem .

besides ,《 My love for you is beautiful 》 There are many waves in the presentation of emotional concepts . People's impression of the way middle-aged couples get along , It's probably the classic line in Zhao Benshan's sketch " Make do with it , How can I get away from " Summarized . In the fireworks day after day , Romance and sweetness are either already overdrawn , Or it's hard to find an outlet . However ,《 My love for you is beautiful 》 The way Wang Dashan and Luo Qing get along , But let many viewers shout " It's sweet !" Wang Dashan's all-round doting on his wife for 20 years , In the endless ordinary everyday , With meticulous consideration and a sense of responsibility , Guarding his wife's pursuit of refinement 、 Angular girlish heart , It presents people with a situation that has nothing to do with objective conditions , A new emotional concept only about the inner world .

When stable family relationships are disrupted , When the grace of parenting and fertility are placed at both ends of the scale , When stereotypes are challenged , With a family background 《 My love for you is beautiful 》 It makes us rethink " Love " The meaning of contemporary life . For contemporary people , Independent life is the pursuit of life , The survival of atomization is inevitable in the short term . under these circumstances , Relying solely on the emotional ties of geography and blood in the traditional society , It is impossible to provide enough spiritual nourishment for everyone . Only the kind that originates from the inherent goodwill in human nature 、 Unconditional love , In order to establish a close enough emotional connection between people .《 My love for you is beautiful 》 From the social relationships that we think are least likely to be shaken ―― Start with family , Lead us to think about this new possibility of life , It has quite profound enlightening significance

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