Nine days after Wu Yifan was arrested, Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang both spoke on microblog and wanted to turn over?

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preface :2021 year 7 month 31 Japan , Beijing police informed Wu Yifan that he was arrested for “ Suspected of rape ” I was detained by torture .9 After heaven , Luo Zhixiang and Zheng Shuang spoke on the same day , Do they all want to take this opportunity to turn over ? Bad artists also began to “ Internal volume ” Did you? ?

8 month 8 On the afternoon of Sunday , One of Luo Zhixiang's fans sent a mixed cutting video in Luo Zhixiang's super words , said “ Our story , It's not over yet ”, Express my thoughts for Luo Zhixiang . Unexpectedly, Luo Zhixiang appeared in the comment area and replied emotionally :“ Give me some time , I will try to return to my original position , Because there are you .”

Many fans send their best wishes to Luo Zhixiang , Luo Zhixiang once again expressed his thanks :“ Thank you , I saw the !” Beijing time. 8 month 9 Early morning , Maybe it's American time 8 month 8 Japanese bar . Zheng Shuang posted a microblog saying :“ Man, give me a way to live , I'm not a devil , I'm the little monster you love .”

Is Zheng Shuang begging Zhang Heng for mercy ? Zheng Shuang has today , It was indeed reported by Zhang Heng . Zhang Heng did say that Zheng Shuang is “ Devil ”, Zheng Shuang was once Zhang Heng “ Little monster of love ”. Does Zhang Heng still have Zheng Shuang's material in his hand ? It's terrible ! Luo Zhixiang said “ Give me some time ”, Zheng Shuang's Theory “ Give me a way to live ”, It seems that they know they are wrong .

In fact, Zheng Shuang wanted to take advantage of “ Wu Yifan's house collapsed ” Occasion , Wash yourself white .7 month 19 On Tuesday night , Zheng Shuang forwarded the China Performance Industry Association's criticism of Wu Yifan's microblog and said :“ Apologize again , I hope the superior leaders and the society will give me a chance to restore the truth .” And then , Zheng Shuang once again released a long article in response to surrogacy , And sincerely apologize .

Zheng Shuang also stressed that he didn't take 1.6 100 million , And answered a number of network controversial questions . Maybe Zheng Shuang thinks he made a mistake , It's nothing compared with Wu Yifan , That's why she dared to ask the public for another chance . Just when Zheng Shuang is going to have a big fight , There was a rainstorm in Henan , So Zheng Shuang chose silence .

Now , The rainstorm in Henan has passed , The Olympic Games are over , So Zheng Shuang began to vindicate himself again ? Zheng Shuang once said that he and Wu Yifan were “ Difficult brother and sister ”, Luo Zhixiang and Wu Yifan have a good personal relationship . Now , All three are bad artists , Wu Yifan's crime is the most serious , Weibo has blocked his account and studio account .

Wu Qinggong, a non famous entertainer, pointed out : Even Wu Yifan's studio account 、 Microblog talk 、 The account number of the backup Club , It's all banned . therefore , Wu Yifan must not be able to come back , Zheng Shuang, Luo Zhixiang and 0.000001% A possible comeback , At least their microblog 、 Super words are still .

Discuss : Do you think Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang can come back ?

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