Megan's father gave her a birthday gift. Netizens laughed that Megan might throw the gift into the trash can

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megan father gave birthday gift.

as everyone knows , In Megan and Harry 2018 year 5 Before the wedding in June , Because Megan's father Thomas ・ Marcel worked with the paparazzi to shoot “ False photo ”, Trying to borrow Megan's Royal identity to make money , From now on , Megan cut off contact with her father , allegedly , According to Thomas , so far , Megan didn't say a word to him , Thomas has not seen his grandson Archie and his granddaughter Lily bette, who has been born for more than two months .

74 Thomas now lives in rosalito, Mexico , allegedly , He is in poor health , In a recent media interview , He longed to see his grandchildren in his lifetime . however , Thomas's feelings for Megan are very contradictory and complex . One side , He admitted his mistake to Megan and Harry through the media , On the one hand, threaten Megan , If you don't let him see his grandchildren , He's about to reveal some of Megan's past privacy , Even threatened Megan to take her to court , To get the right to visit grandchildren .

Thomas has been trying to get in touch with Megan , But Megan always ignored . According to foreign media 8 month 8 Reported Wednesday , stay 8 month 4 RI Megan 40 On one's birthday , Thomas held out an olive branch to Megan again , I hope to take Megan's birthday as an opportunity , Restore and re-establish their father daughter relationship . allegedly , Thomas commissioned the same day in Santa Barbara, California Kaleidoscope Flowers The flower shop , Gave Megan a bunch of red roses and a card , As her 40 Birthday present .

Photos released by the media show , Megan's birthday ,Kaleidoscope Flowers A white van from the florist drove past Megan and Harry's house in Montecito, California , The flowers were transported to the couple's home . As can be seen from the photo of the florist's receipt presented by Thomas , This bunch of roses is worth 250 dollar . add 14 The freight and 23.11 Taxes in US dollars , Thomas spent a total of 287.11 dollar .

Along with the rose was a small note for Megan , It says ,“ happy birthday to you , The future is brighter . Dad .” Besides , Thomas also added two yellow roses to the dozen red roses , They represent his two-year-old grandson Archie and his two month old granddaughter Lily bette , In this way, he expressed his eagerness to see Archie and Lily bette .

About Thomas giving Megan a birthday present and expressing his birthday wishes , Most netizens expressed sympathy for Thomas , Yes, of course , What's more, they criticized and condemned Megan and Harry's ruthlessness . Some netizens even said , Megan is sure to throw the gift his father gave him into the dustbin , Some netizens said Megan would return the gift to his father .

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