Fifty kilometers to peach blossom dock: Mencius gradually became white, and Zhou also began to be sentimental because Zhang Han?

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fifty kilometers peach blossom dock

stay 《 Fifty kilometers to Taohuawu 》 Although it is a collective variety show , But also divided into several small groups , Because of different age and personality .

For example, Zhou Jie , In the circle, the reputation is general , His character is also a little lonely , Pay more attention to the quality of life , For the time being, it's a group of people .

Song Dandan and Shu Qi are basically a small group , Su mang feels that she is a recognized type of mother , I'm good at meeting and cooking for everyone .

Spicy Yangzi 、 Li Xueqin 、 Wang Sulong is a funny trio .

The most dramatic is Zhang Han 、 Kuan-lin lai 、 Guo Qilin 、 Zhou also 、 Meng Ziyi these people .

Mencius' righteousness was not very popular in the early stage , Mainly not very good at talking , It feels a little pretentious .

But with understanding , Mencius gradually washed white .

For example, Zhang Han asked Mencius Yi to prepare things to be purchased in the supermarket at home , Although Meng Ziyi did not want to talk about it, he did it obediently , After all, no one wants to stay in the house , Want to play with others .

He said he didn't want to cook , But in fact, Mencius righteousness has been working for Zhang Han 、 Kuan-lin lai 、 Zhou ye and others cook .

Zhang Han is a bit overbearing , Don't help cook , And his words are taunting Mencius , Meng Ziyi turned his face a little, but he didn't bear grudges , It's over .

Even Su mang said that seeing Meng Ziyi as a little girl , I didn't expect to be so capable .

Others didn't urge Meng Ziyi to cook , Meng Ziyi was also worried that Zhang Han and others had no food .

Meng Ziyi is an affectation in the eyes of girls , A coquettish woman in a man's eyes , But after understanding, I feel no intention , It's just that you can't speak your mind , No malice , And willing to pay in the team .

contrary , Zhou also felt good at first , pure , beautiful , Can talk, good popularity .

Will also take the initiative to help Peng Chuyue , But helping Peng Chuyue feels a little wronged because he is far away from Zhang Han .

Say you're not afraid of loneliness , But not too long alone .

But not only Zhang Han , And Song Dandan 、 Hsu Chi 、 Spicy Yangzi 、 Li Xueqin 、 Meng Ziyi and other girls , But Zhou also seems to have a general relationship with girls , I'm close to boys , Especially with Zhang Han .

After leaving Peng Chuyue , Subconsciously, I wanted to talk to Zhang Han , After knowing that Zhang Han and Meng Ziyi went out , Immediately began to feign loss .

And Meng Ziyi won't say it again after complaining , Neither is Zhou , Zhou is also hypocritical because Zhang Han ? Specially told Zhang Han to take himself when he went out , But Zhang Han thinks that Zhou also chose to work with Peng Chuyue , They can't force Zhou ye .

Zhou didn't care about Mencius' development , Just tell Zhang Han about his grievances , Mencius also cared that Zhou was alone .

It takes a long time to see everyone's real character .

But whether in entertainment or real life , Zhou is more pleasing than Mencius , The so-called coquettish and beautiful girls will be protected even if they are hypocritical .

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