Xiao Zhan's business brand "annoys" xiaofeixia due to different industry cooperation, but it makes CP powder happy like the new year

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xiao zhan business brand annoys

In recent days, , Because it is close to the good day of Tanabata , Major brands should start to launch limited products on Tanabata , In fact, these empty heads are just gimmicks for businesses to make money , among , A rose commodity endorsed by Xiao Zhan , Nature is the number one seller of Tanabata .

This brand not only launched the limited products of Tanabata , It also engaged in different industry cooperation with other brands , This cooperation mode is a very common business alliance , It belongs to the model of mutual benefit , But it just annoyed Xiao Zhan's little flying Xia ;

The reason is that this time, the object of different industry cooperation is a game brand , The spokesman of this game is Wang Yibo , as everyone knows , Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are both due to 《 Petition order 》 And the fire , So these two have a lot of cp powder ;

But the play is over , The two men went their separate ways , So their only fans don't want anything to do with each other , In fact, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are also deliberately avoiding the same stage or frame , This time, on the contrary, Tanabata is related to , It's a coincidence to say .

For this kind of behavior , Xiao Zhan's fans are very upset , Xiao Zhan as the top stream , His fan krypton gold ability has always been a good story , It's all uncle who spends money , So fans are very angry to find guanbo theory , Later, guanbo closed the comments under pressure , And said that this cooperation has nothing to do with the spokesperson , Just pure brand business behavior ;

But for cp powder , It's a blessing in disguise , It can be regarded as several joys and several sorrows , Although neither of the two spokesmen will meet , There will be no activities , Just one brand and two brands cooperate once , But just the time point of Tanabata , Enough to make cp Fans are as happy as the new year .

Regarding this , Fans of the two camps look at each other, which is inconvenient , Start a small range of friction , In fact, announced the dynamics of cooperation , It was several days ago , There was no big reaction between the two sides at that time , It's just “ You adore your , I knock my ” This state , With the approach of Tanabata , Fans can't stand it , Inevitable quarrel ;

Many of Xiao Zhan's little flying heroes announced that they did not support this Tanabata event , and cp Fans said they would strongly support , So both sides want to see the real chapter in terms of sales , And all kinds of connotations and calves that you come and go .

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are in 《 Petition order 》 after , Each developed very well , They have been updating and iterating in the entertainment industry in the past two years, and they are still top class ;

And when filming, the relationship between the two sides is also very harmonious , Later, I stopped mentioning each other in order to avoid suspicion , After all, the only fans on both sides don't like each other , And this cooperation time is on Tanabata , The two of them cp So much powder , No wonder only fan would mind .

Actually , The brand side may be talking about cooperation , Probably not as comprehensive as fans think , Because this is the brand's holiday gimmick , It doesn't need the special cooperation of Xiao Zhan as a spokesman , So I didn't consider stars cp This factor is also normal ;

To say , Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are the top stream now , They speak for a lot of business , All types , So when businesses cooperate in different industries , The probability of collision is high , It doesn't have to be deliberate .

And the audience of this game is very wide , The proportion of male audience playing this game will be quite high , Tanabata is usually a gift of flowers bought by the man to the woman , So it's reasonable for businesses to choose this game ;

The spokesperson of this game is not only Wang Yibo, but also a star , Hua Chenyu 、 Dirieba and others are also spokesmen , So it doesn't exist on purpose cp And choose cooperation .

But fans are always sensitive , Little Feixia and cp Powder is a big spender , Naturally, it is impossible to get used to the brand , However, both fans like the same Xiao Zhan anyway , Therefore, no one can mention the ferocity in swearing , It's all a little fuss ;

At best, this is just a small episode , As for whether the cooperation between different industries is effective , Sales can't fool people , If sales are good , I believe there should be more opportunities for such cooperation .

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