"Jade bone remote" Ren Min is ridiculed: her appearance is not as good as that of a woman! Can only rely on acting to fill the gap?

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jade bone remote ren min

“ Stars are the foil IP The driving force of the whole story and world view , A good plot needs the right role to help .—— Wang Yuren ”

A good play doesn't want to be bad , Half of the cast . An excellent film and television play needs appropriate actors to interpret , Whether it's acting or appearance conditions , All need to match the plot itself , Well matched , Actors can become famous with their roles , The TV play itself will also bring a lot of attention . As the famous director Wang Yuren said , Stars can give a strong impetus to the whole story , For a good plot , Need the right actors to help .

The fast-food drama viewing experience makes the appearance of actors an important factor affecting the audience rating , After the audience sees the actor with higher appearance value , Will have the confidence to continue to see , Learn more about the logic and story of the play . Especially for the TV series adapted from the original novel , It carries the expectations of fans . For example, TV series 《 Yu Guyao 》 Angle selection of , The man chose Xiao Zhan as a response to the voice of netizens , The choice of female director Min has been questioned by netizens .

Two women and three women crush the master

《 Yu Guyao 》 According to cangyue's novel 《 mirror 》 The novel of the same name in the prequel series 《 Zhu Yan 》 Adaptation , The director attracted much attention in the early stage of casting .

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