Dark blue corset, off shoulder floating knot coat and light blue high waist cowboy hot pants are irresistible

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dark blue corset shoulder floating

No matter what style , What color jeans , The matching of cowboy series seems to be timeless ! But how to skillfully match denim hot pants , But it's a science [ Rose ][ Rose ][ Rose ], And the little sister is wearing a dark blue corset, off shoulder floating knot shirt , With light blue high waist denim hot pants ! The beauty of modesty and elegance is full of charm !

Dark blue top tone , Blue color gives people elegant and charming beauty , And the tight design of the corset , Show the mystery of women's charm at a glance ! Dark blue , More highlight the beauty of white shoulders [ Rose ][ Rose ][ Rose ]

And the floating knot design highlighted in the front row , Floating knot swaying with the wind , Like flowers and leaves in midsummer , The beauty turned the sky !

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