Cheng Yi's song with the king has just been launched, and another ancient costume drama is hot. I see that the female owner of the drama is determined

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cheng yi song king launched

The latest TV series are one after another , It's so overwhelming ! First starring Wan Peng 《 I love you very much 》, And then to Wang Ruichang 《 The upstream 》, Then starring Cheng Yi 《 Song with Jun 》, Each one is wonderful , It's fun ! among 《 Song with Jun 》 This ancient costume love drama is very popular , The hero Li Yan played by Cheng Yi in the play , Also with the handsome ancient costume appearance and excellent acting skills , Countless circles of powder . However 《 Song with Jun 》 The play has just been launched , Cheng Yi has another costume drama hot shooting , That's it 《 The fragrance is like crumbs 》.

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