Li ruotong spoke for Ali's female employees and called on everyone to pay attention to this matter. Zheng Shuang came forward, but it caused controversy

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li ruotong spoke ali female

8 month 8 Japan , Actor Li ruotong spoke about the violation of Ali's female employees , She is also the first star in the circle to speak , Her bravery has won praise from many netizens .

Li ruotong said , The most powerful weapon is every one of us to stand up , Fight injustice together , These disgusting things can be faced up to . She stressed that this matter should not be used “ Workplace bad habits ” perhaps “ Table culture ” Gently pass by , It should be dealt with seriously .

Last , Li ruotong said that I sincerely ask you to pay attention to this matter with me , May the end of her story not be “ Larger foe ”. Have to say , The goddess is really brave .

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