What kind of devil figure does Jiang pingting, who is attracted to Liu qiangdong? Netizen: I think it's sour

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kind devil figure jiang pingting

full name : Jiang pingting

Age :1998 Born in ,32 year ;

height :166cm; weight :90 Jin ;

From Chongqing ;

occupation : Popular online celebrity and model .

I believe everyone knows the way Jiang pingting became popular , Because one thing about Liu qiangdong made her unexpectedly popular , Now she also has 60 More than a million followers follow . Some netizens saw her , I think she has a better figure than Liu Yan , Have a face 、 To have a body , No less than today's popular actress , No wonder Liu qiangdong will fall .

But some people are very sour about Jiang pingting's popularity , Tucao is not make complaints about her big chest , Have to say , Such a figure is really one in a hundred . There is no denying that , Watch her social networking site , You can find that she is not born , But through the day after tomorrow , Become a girl who loves sports and fitness very much .

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