Sun qiaolu's mother decided to cheer up in return for her daughter's last trip

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sun qiaolu mother decided cheer

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Child star sun qiaolu is 2021 He died unexpectedly on the eve of the new year's Eve , More than eight months have passed , In more than eight months , Sun qiaolu's only relative, mother and sister , Miss the deceased sun qiaolu in his own way , Still can't get out of the pain .

8 month 8 Japan , Sun qiaolu's mother posted her daughter's video on her social account , call :“ baby , You like the fairy tale world so much , I didn't think it was the last time , And it's a family tour ”, And with two crying faces .

Sun qiaolu and his mother and sister , Go to Disney with my little nephew , I didn't expect this trip , It was the last group trip of their family .

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