Madonna's 24-year-old daughter first appeared on the cover of vogue magazine, claiming that she is not just a "rich second generation"

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madonna 24-year-old year old daughter

According to foreign media 8 month 7 Reported Wednesday ,《Vogue》 The magazine 9 The cover character of the monthly magazine recently appeared , It is worth mentioning that ,62 Pop diva Madonna's 24 Year old model daughter Rhodes · Leon was on the cover of the magazine for the first time . With Lyon, the famous American supermodel Bella · Hadid and Kaya · Gober et al .

however , As the daughter of the famous Madonna , People always think that Lyon's achievements are due to her mother , To put it bluntly , She is a woman shrouded in her mother's fame “ Rich second generation ” nothing more . in fact , Leon was early 13 Became a European fashion magazine at the age of 《Quality》 The cover character of the July issue , Same year , Madonna and her daughter jointly launched a clothing brand “ Material girl ”.

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