In those days, the overlord paid the top entrance fee for ge you, Liang Tian and Xie Yuan, but now?

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days overlord paid entrance fee

At the end of the recent 《 And dreams of glory 》 in , I found a long lost figure , Tu Honggang, the actor of Du Yuesheng . Huang Jinrong, another big man of Shanghai gangs , Is played by teacher Ni Dahong , It can be seen that the crew still attaches great importance to Tu Honggang . Du Yuesheng still has a certain weight in Chinese history . It's just , Because there are too many big names in this TV play , Du Yuesheng is just a minor supporting role .

No matter Du Yuesheng doesn't stand out here , But Tu Honggang really hasn't seen him for a long time . As a singer , Tu Honggang was very popular , He also sang many popular songs , Such as 《 Farewell my concubine 》、《 Chinese kung fu 》、《 repay the country with supreme loyalty -- patriotism 》 wait . however , Then he shifted his focus , Not in the singing world , Gradually lost the news . And now the traffic market doesn't need a singer like him , Tu Hong can't turn over just now .

How popular he was back then ?80 End of the decade , There is a , Tu Honggang and ge you 、 Xieyuan 、 Liang Tian and the three of them took part in the performance together , at that time , Ge you, their appearance fees add up to 6000 element , And Tu Honggang alone 20000 element , More than three times the three of them combined . If you have experienced 90 I knew at the beginning of the s , At that time, ordinary people were paid tens of yuan or hundreds of yuan a month , Even if it's a star , There is a problem with the appearance fee 1-2 A thousand is not bad .

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