My brother lives in a 1 billion mansion and buys seven Maybach. My brother goes out by subway and sleeps on the ground at the airport

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brother lives billion mansion buys

Not long ago , Stanley Ho's sons, he Youlong and he Youjun, both donated money to Henan , These two young people are also one of the most promising members of the gambling king family in the future . Mr. Ho, this year 44 year , And you Jun He is now 26 year , The former donated to Henan 1000 ten thousand , And you Jun He is not easy , He donated to Henan 100 ten thousand .

Although both are the sons of the gambling king , But their life state and life track are very different , Now he is living in a big villa in Macao , Ahead is the parking lot , Behind is the garden , The total value reaches 10 $ , The yard is full of luxury cars , Rolls Royce alone has several , In addition, Bentley 、 Maybach 、 Mercedes Benz and other luxury cars . Among them, Maybach has 7 car , The purpose is to receive distinguished customers .

There are also Ferrari, Lamborghini and other sports cars , In fact, luxury cars in Hong Kong are cheaper , But the price of parking lots and spaces is very expensive , Therefore, he Youlong simply repaired the parking lot himself . When he goes out, he will also take a gambling bodyguard and assistant , Even the wife and children go out , He will also give them bodyguards .

actually , Hong Kong's rich will take bodyguards when they go out , because 90 In time , Zhang Ziqiang once kidnapped Li zeju and Guo Bingxiang , So the rich worry that they will also be threatened , So they all strengthened their security .

Although he is quite calm , But life is luxurious , But you Jun He is just the opposite , He has a high profile , And often participate in variety shows and important activities , He also married world famous model Xi Mengyao . However, he Youjun keeps the status of ordinary people in his life , He often goes out by subway alone , In those days, entrepreneurship was also crowded with employees in an office .

Not long ago , He Youjun also bought a BYD electric car , It can also be seen from this matter , Mr. ho will not pursue a luxurious life , I won't pursue luxury cars , With his worth , You can have the same number of luxury cars as your brother, Mr. Lawrence , But he didn't do it .

Mr. ho is very grounded , Once he was waiting at the airport , But the plane took off late for some reason , And he Youjun just lay on the ground to sleep , But if it's Mr. ho , He wouldn't do that , Because he would think it would damage the image of an entrepreneur .

However, there is nothing to say about the ability of Mr. ho , After he came back from studying abroad , First came to a company to work and accumulate experience , Then he founded a technology enterprise , Then he ran a restaurant on the verge of bankruptcy , It turned the restaurant into a profit in a few months .2001 year , He Youlong spent 9 Million dollars to buy Macao gambling , And founded Melco International .

Up to now , He has become the king of small gamblers in Macao , The scale of the gambling business is as big as my father's industry , And he's just 44 Old age , You already have 200 Billion wealth , He will have more room for development in the future .

The epidemic situation in Wuhan last year , Mr. ho donated directly 2000 ten thousand , And this flood in Henan , He also donated money for Zhengzhou 1000 ten thousand , Such an excellent and kind entrepreneur , We have no reason not to praise .

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