Wei Xinyu's new photo was first exposed after the beginning of autumn, with big long legs and small waist. This beauty is enviable

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wei xinyu new photo exposed

Wei Xinyu's new portrait was first exposed after the beginning of autumn , Big long legs and small waist rush for the mirror , This beauty is so enviable

Wei Xinyu has been too active recently , The new songs are presented to the fans one by one , The new aesthetic photos are still like this . I have to say that this kind of Wei Xinyu is too pink , A few days ago, Wei Xinyu just exposed many groups of his summer portraits , It has attracted many netizens' pursuit , They say that sister Yu is so beautiful , She is worthy of being a goddess .

8 month 9 Japan , With the arrival of autumn , Ushered in another season , Wei Xinyu studio once again exposed the new photo of Wei Xinyu , It's so beautiful , The beautiful photos exposed by Wei Xinyu , That's a change from the previous style , Of course, beauty is still there . Big long legs and small waist are super eye-catching , A handsome face , I believe many male fans will see enough , At the same time, it will be envied by many girls , Standard figure , Who says he doesn't envy ?

In this photo of Wei Xinyu , She changed all kinds of postures , From top to bottom, everyone is left with a beautiful and moving appearance . Charming eyes , Tightly penetrate into everyone's heart .

In the whole entertainment circle, although Wei Xinyu is not as popular as those top stars , Just like Zhao Liying 、 Yang Zi and Li Qin . But when it comes to the music she sings , It's definitely popular in all circles .

Once a song 《 Lover's heart 》 Appear in everyone's view , Of course, as a powerful singer, Wei Xinyu , She's not just 《 Lover's heart 》 Worst fire , And later 《 Fragrance of flowers 》《 It's not over 》 It is also a work popular all over the country . Among them, Wei Xinyu's 《 Fragrance of flowers 》 still 2020 One of the top ten hot songs of Tencent music and entertainment festival , I have to say that this is the recognition of Wei Xinyu and her works by the whole circle .

In recent years, Wei Xinyu's good works have been brought to you one by one , Except for the hottest 《 Fragrance of flowers 》《 It's not over 》 as well as 《 Lover's heart 》 outside , And her recent works 《 Acacia is hard to break 》《 Qianqiusuo 》 Wait, it's very good , Very resistant to hearing .

Wei Xinyu's works are very popular , Just a few days ago, she and Xiaobian revealed a good news to share with you , It's definitely a big surprise for fans , That is the clothing brand founded by Wei Xinyu alone “ Xinzeyu ” It's officially on the market , When you hear this news, you will have to understand it .

Over the years, although Wei Xinyu's achievements have been placed in front of everyone , But I believe only she can understand the hardships , In addition to the friends who struggle on the road of entrepreneurship , There are absolutely few understandable . But then again, Wei Xinyu has paid a lot of hardships on the road of entrepreneurship , It's the best reward for her to gain so many achievements , Do you think? !

As the first beautiful photo exposed by Wei Xinyu after the beginning of autumn , Do you think you envy her such a standard figure ?( The author of this article : After the entertainment Exclusive launch )

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