Quan hongchan's popularity is not only because of her amazing diving performance, but also because of her five qualities

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quan hongchan popularity amazing diving

14 One year old Quan hongchan at the Tokyo Olympic Games 10 The performance of the meter platform , Amazed the people of the whole country , Also amazed the whole world . She won the Tokyo Olympic Games with three out of five jumps 10 After the M platform champion , Instantly explode the whole network , Her information was almost all on the hot search list of major social platforms that day .

Video of her past interviews 、 Interview video and game video , Have been discussed and spread by netizens . Many people marvel at her talent that others can't match , However , After reading more and more of her experiences and information , I think her popularity , Not only because of her amazing diving performance , And because she exists here 5 It's a quality .

this 5 This quality can be said to be a must for idols and role models , Compared with those popular idol stars , I think she is the idol that contemporary young students should follow . This is on her 5 This quality is also very worthy of young students to learn .

One 、 High concentration

If you have watched the interview video about Quan hongchan , I believe many people will be impressed by her simple and simple appearance . However , If you also watched her training and competition videos , And what her coach said about her , You will find , The little girl is in diving , Have more concentration than others .

He Weiyi, coach of Guangdong Province, said in the original words :“ Her focus on training and desire for special training are stronger than others .”

Concentration is the foundation of all abilities . Many people have similar talents , But there is a difference in concentration , So concentration opens the gap between abilities .

For the average person , Without talent blessing , Do anything well , Concentration is a necessary trait . Like Allen, a psychologist who studies concentration at Harvard University · What Langer said :“ Only enough focus , You may reach a place you have never been before .”

therefore , The quality of concentration , It is worthy of all young students with aspirations and ideals to learn . If you want to shine in your studies or in a future field one day , Please pay attention to the cultivation of concentration .

Two 、 Super psychological quality

Quan hongchan didn't make mistakes in the game . But , Every mistake , She can quickly make technical and psychological adjustments , Then the next normal or even super level play . from , It is not difficult to see that her on-the-spot adaptability and on-the-spot ability are very strong .

These are all manifestations of strong psychological quality . Strong psychological quality , In the face of difficulties , Can often turn things around . And this quality for many young students , It's worth learning .

Among the students I met , Many students have strong academic ability , But in the big test , Often because of poor psychological quality , So I can't play to the real level . Some knowledge points that you can do right at ordinary times , In the big test, there are small mistakes . They themselves would say “ careless ”, But I'll tell them “ We should continue to practice solid knowledge points ” as well as “ Psychological quality should be strengthened ”.

Psychological quality does not pay attention to , No matter how talented a person is , It's hard to show it completely , It's hard to be a shining star . therefore , If you don't want to be buried , In addition to hard work , We should also pay attention to cultivating super psychological quality .

3、 ... and 、 Be sincere and filial

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