The contrast between the stars before and after taking drugs is beyond recognition. One of them was once known as the public lover

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contrast stars taking drugs recognition.

Two years ago ,《 Remaining crime 》 The film is really on fire , It's about the fight between undercover agents and drug dealers , Zhang Yishan's acting skills are quite in place , The drug abuse is played incisively and vividly . But it was acting after all , It's fake , And in the entertainment industry , There are many popular stars , Smoking real poison , Not only ruined their career prospects , And ruined his life .

Wang Xuebing , In everyone's mind, it has always been a hard line strength image , In the entertainment industry, it is also popular , But because I can't resist the temptation , Embarked on such a path , It's a pity .

After taking drugs , It's amazing , No image , There is no energy and spirit before .

Zhendong Ke , rely on 《 In those years , The girl we chased together 》 An instant hit , In the mainland, it is also very popular , All kinds of advertising endorsements are also soft handed , It also charmed a large number of fans with its handsome appearance .

Unfortunately, because of drug abuse , Reported by aunt of Chaoyang District , I've ruined my future , And never recovered , So far, there has been no news of him .

Pei Lin , Also with her beautiful appearance and excellent hosting ability , Once regarded as a very powerful variety show host , And won several awards .

It can be seen that after taking drugs , Great changes have taken place in her face and spirit , No longer the original excellent host .

Xiao Shushen , Once known as “ Popular lover ”, Sweet and charming, she not only owns the charming career line , And a tall figure , As soon as he made his debut, he became very popular .

She is the most serious of many stars , Because she never changes , Caught many times , Multiple violations , And she herself apologized many times in public , Said he would never make this mistake again . It makes people feel hateful and pathetic , Now she has lost all her looks .

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