"Big brother" was recorded in Kunming. The game was a little dirty, but it had a big background

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big brother recorded kunming. kunming

A new outdoor game variety 《 A big brother 》 Release the notice , Because it was filmed in Yunnan , So the notice is full of ethnic elements , A mysterious smell came to my face .

Look at this beautiful and cheerful wa girl , I'm so happy with Chen Linong's little brother .

Yes , What we showed at the beginning of this program preview , Obviously, it is the wa customs in Yunnan , And what appears in the picture “ Si Gangli ”, It is the birthplace of the Wa people . Unfortunately, the recording site of the program is Kunming Yunnan Ethnic Village , It's not a real job .

The real Sigangli is located in Cangyuan County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province, at the junction of China and Myanmar , There are many ethnic minorities living in this place , Among them, the Wa nationality is the most famous . and 《 A big brother 》 There is a set of scenes in the trailer that puzzles some of the audience ( Chasing after someone else's face with mud ), That's not Zeng Shun �� The little brother is fooling around , But it leads to a grand festival of the Wa people ――“ Touch your black ” Carnival .

seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function ,“ Touch your black ” The theme of the carnival is “ Touch your black ”, That is, people in the carnival daub each other with black mud , Just like the Dai water sprinkling Festival , In this process, don't worry about whether others will be dirty 、 Will you be angry or something , On the premise of mutual respect , Touch wherever you want , What do you want “ Smear ” Just how “ Smear ”, Even if you finally make each other a statue “ Clay sculpture ”, It doesn't matter .

Again , Even if the police uncle who kept order at the scene 、 Security brother painted a big cat , No one will pursue you “ responsibility ”.

Why , Because in wa “ Touch your black ” In the original meaning of Carnival , Touch the black mud on the girl's face , I hope the girl is more and more beautiful , Touch the old man's face , Wish the old man health and longevity , Touch the child's face , I hope the children are safe and lucky , Touch your friend's face , Look forward to lasting friendship . Moreover, the Wa nationality is a nation with black as its beauty , They think whoever is the darkest is the most beautiful , therefore “ Smear ” Others are still being “ Smear ”, Represents a blessing , The more black mud is touched , It means more happiness .

therefore “ A big brother ” It seems that we have to fight harder , To restore the festive atmosphere . Zhang Xueying said “ I'll double it back to you later ”, That mud really needs to be doubled , Otherwise, the festival atmosphere is not strong enough . ha-ha !( Small horn / writing notes : Video capture 、 The data and pictures are from the Internet )

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