Who knows Zou Zhaolong's suffering when he was hit in the face by the Olympic champion and became popular all over the country with "Changwei"?

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knows zou zhaolong suffering hit

He bluntly said Jackie Chan 、 Jet Li is not really kung fu , Claiming that Donnie Yen is not enough for him to fight , Even the audience are afraid that the protagonist will be killed by him , He is born with divine power “ Chang Wei ” Zou Zhaolong .

lately , One of the Olympic champion Liu Yang's rings “ Kill with a crooked head ” Accidentally bumped into the face, played by Zou Zhaolong “ Chang Wei ”, This can be done with only two hands “ threat ” The referee's expression ,“ Chang Wei ” How dare you say you don't know martial arts ?

rely on “ Chang Wei ” The fame of , Zou Zhaolong got angry again , But Zou Zhaolong's heart is full of suffering !

And “ Kung Fu Emperor ” Jet Li's cooperation 7 But I was suppressed by the other party , Stephen Chow made him famous , But it has become the most regretful thing in his life .

Let Liu Yifei cry , What secret did he hide when he broke into Hollywood with his bare hands ?

Zou Zhaolong's childhood experience is a realistic version of “ Adventure ”.

There are... In his family 13 Brothers and sisters , Zou Zhaolong ranks eighth , Zou Zhaolong, who had not read for several years, began to work in society after his father died early ,6 Years old learn carving ,9 Buy bread at the age of ,12 At the age of, he joined the performing arts circle as a martial arts doubles .

At that time, it was not to see who could play best , But to see who can be beaten the longest , The experience of practicing boxing hard from childhood has added a lot of foundation for Zou Zhaolong .

But doing Wuti is very hard , Not only the salary is low , And injuries are common , Therefore, Zou Zhaolong often suffers major injuries and minor injuries one after another .

But opportunities are always left to those who are prepared ,18 At the age of , Zou Zhaolong was favored by Hong Jinbao who came to select actors with his skillful martial arts moves , And added “ Hongjiaban ”.

Under the strong support of Hong Jinbao ,18 Zou Zhaolong ushered in the biggest adult ceremony , He played the leading role in his first film .

He has not been popular for a few days, but he has reached the age of military service , This is very cruel to Zou Zhaolong who has just become famous , But fortunately, Hong Jinbao didn't give up on him , Two years later, Zou Zhaolong officially paid homage to Hong Jinbao , Became his chief apprentice .

Hong Jinbao has publicly accepted two disciples , One is Zou Zhaolong , One is Peng Yuyan .

But even if Hong Jinbao likes Zou Zhaolong again , But still failed to make him popular , until 1993 Hong Jinbao recommended him to “ Ghost Director ” Wang Jingcai ushered in the re flowering of her career .

Under the guidance of Wang Jing , Zou Zhaolong began to try the villain role for the first time , In the same year in the film 《 Lord of the demon sect in the legend of dragon killing 》 Played a selfish and jealous “ Song Qingshu ”, And in 《 Zhongnanhai bodyguard 》 Played Jet Li's arch rival “ Jian Jun Wang ”.

The fact proved that , Director Wang Jing's eyes are hot enough , Zou Zhaolong also opened up his villain's road , And usher in a period of career rise .

Except Wang Jing , Jet Li, who has cooperated twice, also speaks highly of Zou Zhaolong , At that time, there were many martial arts stars in the Hong Kong performing arts circle , But there are few who can fight jet li .

Zou Zhaolong's filming goes like a cloud and water , The movements are neat , The fight between the two made Jet Li shout happy !

And then , Jet Li is working with him again 《 Letter to Dad 》、 as well as 《 Adventure King 》 Such movies , From the peak of debut to being a foil of green leaves , Zou Zhaolong succeeded in frightening the protagonist and the audience .

The villain image that has been maintained for many years was broken by Stephen Chow's move , a 《 Nine grade sesame official 》 Make him angry 30 year !

In the play, he plays “ Chang Wei ” Killed 13 members of the Qi family , As soon as you enter the door “ Laifu ” A heavy beating .

In court, he said innocently that he was born with divine power , As if he was threatening the audience across the screen .

“ Chang Wei ” After the fire , Zou Zhaolong also felt the trouble of people's red right and wrong for the first time .

Everyone remembers the role “ Chang Wei ” Name , But I can't remember the name of actor Zou Zhaolong , because “ Chang Wei ” Your deeds are too inhuman , So I was scolded red , Therefore, Zou Zhaolong is very reluctant to mention this role , Even claimed to play “ Chang Wei ” Your twin brother .

Although he played many villains, Zou Zhaolong himself is very dedicated , Play any difficult action in person , Never use doubles .

Make a movie with Liu Yifei 《 Four famous captors 》 When , Zou Zhaolong's two sisters committed suicide and died successively because of depression , Zou Zhaolong loved his sister most when he was a child , He didn't go home immediately after hearing the news , But to calm down and continue filming , He didn't say it until he was killed .

Liu Yifei was very distressed when she heard Zou Zhaolong's experience , She hugged Zou Zhaolong and said “ I'm your sister ”, This is where the scene of fairy Liu Yifei's tears came from .

In addition to dedication , Zou Zhaolong is also a very patriotic star ,2000 Around, he went to Hollywood to develop , Although he played a lot of bad guys in China , But he never takes on the role of villain abroad , The purpose of establishing such an image is not to tarnish the motherland , Damage the national image .

2003 year , Zou Zhaolong participated in American blockbusters 《 The matrix 2》, The requirement is that you must wear Tang clothes , The film also gave him a permanent bonus from Hollywood .

Because the contract stipulates , as long as 《 The matrix 》 The film is still profitable or released , Zou Zhaolong is going to get a dividend , Even if Zou Zhaolong is not alive , His descendants can still continue to receive money .

This is probably “ People sit at home , Money comes from heaven ”.

Nowadays Zou Zhaolong seldom makes movies , Concentrate on staying at home with your wife and twin sons .

His wife Weng Huide is the best friend of the teacher's wife Gao Lihong , They have been in love for many years without telling their master Hong Jinbao , Zou Zhaolong got married when he was developing in the United States , And gave birth to twin sons , Life is fun , Very happy .

Zou Zhaolong once commented on the actors he cooperated with :“ I have cooperated with those international famous martial arts stars , But I don't know who has the best martial arts , But they all came to me I don't know who has the best martial arts !”

I can only say that I can feel Zou Zhaolong threatening me across the screen !

Zou Zhaolong, who has played so many villains, is the real winner in life .

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