Parents: the proliferation of stars in teaching is worrying

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parents proliferation stars teaching worrying

In the introduction of “ Double subtraction ” policy , Regulate the game industry , After the special rectification action on paid supplementary classes in primary and secondary schools , Relevant competent departments have also carried out nationwide “ Qinglang ・‘ Rice circle ’ Rectify the chaos ” Special operation , Urge the website platform to standardize and guide the fans to pursue stars rationally .

This special rectification mainly focuses on the star list 、 hot topic 、 Fan community 、 Interactive comments and other links , Thoroughly clean up the illegal and bad information involving fan groups . at present , Accumulated negative and harmful information has been cleaned up 15 More than ten thousand , Dispose of illegal accounts 4000 More than a , Close the problem group 1300 More than a . Among them, Wu Yifan's personal social account has been banned on the whole platform , The gathering area of tens of millions of fans also disappeared , Even more fan interaction spaces about Wu Yifan have been banned . so to speak , Claim to have “5000 ten thousand people ” The fan circle of Wu Yifan is completely cool .

Teaching materials are amazing “Wu Yifan”, Official explanation :“Wu Yifan” Not “ Wu queer ”

Speaking of Wu Yifan , And there was a little episode , Some parents found that they were taught PEP The English textbooks from grade 3 to grade 6 of primary school appear “Wu Yifan” The characters , Pronunciation is similar to “ Wu queer ” identical . Some parents think it will remind people of Wu Yifan , It is suggested to change the name of the textbook .

Soon , The people's Education Society responded , Call the name 20 It was used years ago ,“Wu Yifan” The correct translation after class is “ Wu Yifan ”, No “ Wu queer ”. but “ Considering the similar pronunciation with artists , Will let the teacher when teaching , Do a good job of explanation and guidance , Avoid students misunderstanding .”

Classic textbooks “ Kick out ”, Traffic stars become regular visitors

Parents teach people PEP English Textbook “Wu Yifan” The attention of the characters , In fact, it reflects everyone's concern about the tendency of entertainment in the current teaching process . We found , In the newly revised textbook ,《 Kong Yiji 》、《 o Q main story line subject under discussion 》、《 Huang Jiguang 》、《 Liu Hulan 》 When the classics are gradually deleted , Many scientists in the examination materials , Great historical figures are gradually fading out of sight . In its place , Wu queer 、 Xiao Zhan 、 Li-ying zhao 、 Zhang Daxian 、 Lu Han 、 Li Yifeng and many other entertainment stars have become the protagonists of relevant teaching materials .

The benefits of introducing stars into teaching are obvious , When students see their favorite stars , Learning enthusiasm will be adjusted , Learning will also become more autonomous , Learning is more efficient . such as , This year's new online play 《 Mountains and rivers make 》 Very popular with students , love me , love my dog , How do these teachers usually drive out children who don't recite ancient poems , I quickly memorized all the ancient poems that appeared in the play .

The entertainment of teaching will cause endless disasters , Cause social concern

But the harm of bringing stars into teaching is more obvious , Because children tend to be obsessed with a star , Personal three views are likely to be affected by it , Once the artist has negative problems , Children's hearts will be hit hard , Even act fanatically . Because these entertainment stars are the product of capital speculation , Is synonymous with money and fame , The private morality behind many auras is corrupt , Drug 、 go whoring 、 Marital infidelity and other behaviors emerge one after another . To let go “ Traffic first ”、 Money worship and other abnormal values erode the hearts of teenagers , It will bring serious harm to the growth of teenagers , Poison and demonize them . And indeed , There are many young fans to protect their idols “ happy ” image , Strange behavior happens from time to time .

such as , Some young teachers use their students as star chasing tools , Cheer up for their favorite stars . The most amazing thing is Wu Yifan's fans who have been arrested recently , When their idols are hammered repeatedly , He also tried to cry out for Wu Yifan 、 Beautify Wu Yifan's illegal behavior . Some fans call themselves 985 College Students , If Wu Yifan is detained, he will change his nationality , Emigrating to Canada makes China lose talents ; Some student fans said they would kneel down at the gate of Chaoyang District Court ; Some student fans called on everyone to rob the prison ; Some student fans even said they would use the power of Wu Yifan's 50 million fans , Occupy a large area of land , Establish Wu Yifan United Nations …… All in all , The comments of these student fans , One by one .

Three outlooks are so wrong , A child without a sense of right and wrong , I will grow up in the future , Can be helpful to the family 、 To society 、 What to do with the country ? therefore , For the introduction of stars into the teaching process , We must be careful , Avoid by all means that culture and education will be over entertained .

More Than This , The author thinks , Whether it's school 、 Teacher or parent , We should strengthen guidance , Let children know the idols they should really pay attention to , Like Olympic athletes 、 Scholars and experts 、 Soldiers, police and outstanding people from all walks of life . Usually the teacher talks about positive energy characters in class 、 Positive energy events , Talk more about the feelings of family and country , Talk more about the highlights of great people , Only in this way can children have the power of a positive example , The country has a bright future .

Conclusion : Teaching carries too many responsibilities , It's really not suitable to introduce too many stars into teaching , Because children in school are in a critical period of value formation , Too many star cases are used in teaching , It is not conducive to their forming a correct outlook on life 、 sense of worth , They should be told more about patriotism 、 Abide by the law 、 Chongde 、 Figures and cases in Shangyi and other aspects .

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