Reporter undercover investigation rice circle gray industrial chain brainwashing marketing + flow economy distorts rice circle culture

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reporter undercover investigation rice circle

The original title : Reporter undercover investigation rice circle gray industry chain brainwashing Marketing + Flow economy Distort the rice circle culture

● The rice circle has perfect hierarchical rules , The internal hierarchy is clear , A few core fans have the right to speak in the circle , When individual ordinary fans express different opinions, they will be besieged

● Because it's profitable , Some capital parties ignore their social responsibilities , Form various interest groups , Trying to harvest fans “ Money bag ”

● Straighten out the rice circle , Not to clean up fans , But the grey industrial chain behind the rice circle . Stars should be self disciplined , The platform should do its duty , Fans should be rational , Society should participate in , The law wants to do something

□ Trainee journalist of lianhe zaobao Zhang Shoukun

□ Our reporter Wen Yuanhao

“ I didn't see him praise in the group today ××, Kick him out of the group according to the group rules .”

“×× Endorsed a new product , I've already started , You should also hurry to buy , Then send a screenshot .”

“ Someone spoke ill of my brother again , Everyone quickly went to the comment area to fight back according to the previous unified requirements .”


《 Rule of law daily 》 The reporter recently joined the fan group of many popular stars as a fan , I see these similar conversations every day . Most of the members of these fan groups are teenagers , Some in the group “00 after ” It even accounts for 89% .

Rice circle ( Refers to the fan circle ) Chaos is frequent , It has become one of the most concerned social phenomena . From idol talent shows, fans of contestants raised more than one million yuan, suspected of illegal fund-raising , To for “ Love bean ” Vote to buy a large number of yogurt drinks, scan the yard and pour out the yogurt , When popular artists are suspected of committing crimes, there are still many fans waving flags and shouting for them , since this year on , Various news events exposed by fans chasing stars emerge one after another , The chaos in the rice circle has also pushed the fan culture to the forefront of public opinion .

Many experts said in an interview with reporters , Fueled by capital and platforms , Some fans invest a lot of money and time in making lists and chasing stars , Some artists forget themselves , moral 、 The bottom line of the law is both lost , Give Way “ Sanguan follows the five senses ” Our wrong values are getting stronger and stronger , It brings great harm to the physical and mental health of the public, especially teenagers , Even for illegal fund-raising 、 Traffic fraud and other illegal crimes provide soil , We need to do everything to stop this unhealthy trend in time .

There are many levels, and the group entry is strict

Clear structure and clear division of labor

At first , The reporter applied to join the fan group of many popular stars , But it's all over the place ; Join occasionally , Soon he was kicked out of the group .

15 Xiao Ke, a - year-old junior high school student in Beijing, told reporters , To successfully join a popular star fan group , Need to cross many hurdles : The super voice level of microblog shall not be lower than 10 level , Pay attention not only to the stars themselves, but also to the studio , The number of microblogs about the star in the personal microblog shall not be less than 50 strip ; That's it , After applying for verification, it may not pass , Even after passing, there are a lot of group rules to follow , If you don't pay attention, you'll be kicked out of the group .

And want to achieve microblog super words 10 level , Even check in every day 、 Post , At least two or three months .

later , The reporter joined... In various ways 5 A star fan group , It is found that these fan groups are organized with clear division of labor , There is a shooting and casting group 、 Propaganda Group 、 Anti black group 、 Purification group, etc . among , The anti Mafia group is responsible for searching and sorting out the stars' online “ The black material ”, It is convenient to complain to the platform customer service together with other fans ; The purification group is mainly responsible for sorting entries on microblog and other search platforms .

“ Sometimes the key words of a star's single are ‘ It's hard to hear ’, We will use ugly to make sentences ,‘×× The new song is really not difficult to understand ’,‘×× The new song is so beautiful , Sure enough, I can't control the ugly singing like me ’, To reduce the number of singles and ‘ It's hard to hear ’ The negative relevance of the word .” Xiao Yun, a senior one student in Tianjin, is in the purification group of a popular star fan group , She is concerned about “ Purification work ” I have a lot of experience .

Deputy director of Academic Committee, School of cultural industry management, Communication University of China 、 Li Danlin, head of the law department, said ,“ rice ” namely “fan( fans )” transliteration , The circle they form is called the rice circle . in fact , This clear organizational structure of the rice circle organization , It has already become a normal state in the rice circle culture .

People's criticism of the chaos in the rice circle , Control and evaluation is one of the important factors : Once a network platform involves negative news about stars , The star's fan base will organize fans to rush to the front row of comments to fight back . The reporter sees , The fan base is full of such remarks ――“ I'd rather be scolded , I don't want my brother to be scolded ”“ If you don't comment , Let black materials fly all over the sky , It will affect my brother's reputation and commercial value ”.

Class clearly rejects dissent

Traffic fraud, abnormal star chasing

In addition to control and evaluation , The blind pursuit of traffic also leads to a large number of “ Data flooding ” event . A few years ago, there was a case that a star's microblog forwarding volume exceeded 100 million , Caused an uproar on the Internet . Subsequently, the supervision of relevant departments continued to strengthen , Organized by the Ministry of public security “ Net net 2019” In special action , Beijing police arrested the suspected R & D online named “ Star aid ”App A gang used to create fake traffic .

Reporter's findings , The rice circle has perfect hierarchical rules , The internal hierarchy is clear , A few core fans have the right to speak in the circle , When individual ordinary fans express different opinions, they will be besieged .

the other day , In the fan base , The reporter first affirmed the efforts made by a star for disaster relief , Then put forward the view that front-line disaster relief should be done by more professional people . The group immediately burst into a pot , Many friends came out to accuse reporters , Some even sent private letters abusing journalists .

The reporter is here 5 Found in a fan group , About stars and their behavior , There can be no objections, even doubts , Even put forward some constructive suggestions , It may also be attacked by a group .

Li Danlin thinks , With the development of the Internet , Fans and stars develop into close and deep interactive relationships , But in this process, there are many deformities , Fans will have some behaviors that go beyond the bottom line of social ethics and even constitute crimes . In recent years, there have been “ Black powder ”“ An illegitimate meal ” It can explain this problem very well .

Guo Xiaoming, a lawyer at Sichuan moment Heng law firm, explained ,“ Black powder ” It refers to the group of fans who maliciously discredit their idols ;“ An illegitimate meal ” It means tracking stars all the time 、 Peeping “ Love bean ”, Fans who violate the star's privacy . The behavior of these fans is morbid , Interfere with the normal life of stars , It may also be suspected of committing a crime .

This year, 7 month 15 Japan , A star found a suspected positioning tracker in the car , The company to which it belongs issued a statement , Indicates that the alarm has been processed , Condemn reselling artists' home addresses 、 The act of personal information such as shooting location , We advise you not to believe or even participate in paying for such information .

After the recent criminal detention of a traffic star , There are also many fans who leave messages on the Internet “ Brother is innocent ”“ Going to prison ” And so on .“ Is it for ×× An opportunity , Guan Xuan asked him to be his spokesman , Tell everyone to give him a chance , Bad guys also need opportunities , What do you think? ?” A screenshot of a brand wechat group aroused public anger , The brand side quickly issued a statement saying , Fire all those who make improper remarks .

Capital blackhands blindly promote

Repeatedly harvest the fan purse

Released by iResearch 《 Research Report on business model and trend of China's red man economy 》 Pointed out that ,2020 In, the market scale of fan related industries exceeded 4.1 Trillion yuan ,2023 The year is expected to exceed 6 Trillion yuan .

Raise funds to help 、 Reselling tickets can be used as a name for money . In the rice circle , Many fans spontaneously set up fan meetings through the Internet , It also has branches in different regions , There are backup clubs, clubs and branches , According to the expertise of members , Conduct “ Standing sister 、 Anti black 、 Casting 、 propaganda 、 copy ” Equal division of labor . But with the influx of capital and the temptation of interests , Many fans will no longer be pure .

There is a saying circulating in the rice circle : Don't chase stars without money . And the money fans spend on idols , Finally, it is likely to fall into “ Pinhead ” Pocket .

So-called “ Pinhead ”, It refers to the most appealing fans , Be familiar with the artist's schedule , All on-site support 、 Vote on the list 、 The press conference, support and fund-raising are all funded by “ Pinhead ” To organize . In recent years , It often reveals “ Pinhead ” corruption 、 Roll money, run and other news .

according to the understanding of ,“ The rice circle raised funds to support ” It can be roughly divided into three categories : One is that it contains return in kind , Such as selling albums 、 Peripheral products , Use the profits to support idol related activities ; Second, no return in kind , But promised to use fans' real money for draft voting 、 Give gifts to idols ; Third, it is agreed to raise money for idols , Fraud that promises to provide returns but fails to deliver .

2018 year , When the bar owner of a star post bar is handing over , There is an unclear account , Some fans questioned that the bar owner embezzled nearly 209 Ten thousand yuan of publicity expenses . Then the bar owner issued a microblog to clarify and resign , It ended in nothing .

Li Danlin said , The star is not actually a person , There is not only one studio behind it , There are a lot of capital support , They want to use the star effect to achieve business purposes .“ For example, the milk ranking event , In order to obtain commercial benefits , Do not hesitate to design some rules that violate general ethics and even law to implement corresponding actions . At the same time, for those stars with problems , They may also use relevant resources and forces , Help them wash away bad marks .”

Guo Xiaoming also believes that , Because it's profitable , Some capital parties ignore their social responsibilities , Formed various interest groups , Trying to harvest fans “ Money bag ”; Some confusion about the rice circle , Not just ignore , Even in “ Black and red are also red ” Under the guidance of wrong ideas , Hype 、 Data fraud and other methods intensify the contradiction between fans .

According to Zhu Wei, deputy director of communication law research center of China University of political science and law , One of the most important reasons for the chaos in the rice circle is the flow economy .“ Traffic can represent the commercial value and liquidity of a star , To some extent, it has become the star's ‘ works ’. With the extensive development of social media, especially the rapid development of we media , Rice circle economy opens the curtain , Stars or the capital behind them can be through MLM Marketing 、 The brainwashing way of chasing stars , Form huge pink circles to serve yourself .”

“ In addition to the network platform , Some satellite TV stations should also bear the responsibility . The variety show held by some satellite TV stations is actually a star making movement , Don't pay attention to the performance level 、 true skill and genuine knowledge , But with your appearance 、 Topic and other ways to make stars debut , It can easily lead to excessive entertainment , Objectively aggravate the chaos in the rice circle .” Zhu Wei said .

The chaos in the rice circle has a bad impact

Mislead teenagers' values

at present , There are already a large number of minors in the rice circle , These improper value orientations have a great impact on them .

《2020 Research Report on Internet use of minors in China 》 Show , Fan support through the Internet has become a new online social, leisure and entertainment activity for minor Internet users . Of all the education segments surveyed , The proportion of Internet users of junior middle school students who carry out fan assistance activities on the Internet is 11%, High school students have reached 10.3%, Primary school netizens have 5.6%.

Li Danlin said , A qualified artist , First of all, we should reach a corresponding level in professional skills . But many stars , Ask him what excellent music he has , Which classic characters have been created , No one can answer , But he has occupied the Internet hot search list for a long time , Attract fans by hype , This provides teenagers with the wrong value orientation .

Zhu Wei told reporters , The biggest impact of chaos in the rice circle on teenagers is , The values formed by it deviate from the mainstream values . Some people make money from fans , The core of everything we do is to serve capital , Many teenagers are ostensibly chasing stars , In essence, it is used by capital “ MLM brainwashing ”, Let yourself get stuck in it .

“ Now , The chaos of the rice circle has radiated to all aspects , This irrational behavior caused by star chasing , As a result, some people are easy to be extreme towards others and things . Its harm is not simply the impact on minors' consciousness , Instead, it may cultivate extreme social emotions , Because in many rice circle contexts , No objection is allowed , This is a very terrible phenomenon , If we don't fix it in time , The consequences are unimaginable .” Zhu Wei said .

Work together to set rules and draw red lines

Cut off the grey industrial chain

According to Guo Xiaoming , Straighten out the rice circle , Not to clean up fans , But the grey industrial chain behind the rice circle . Stars should be self disciplined , The platform should do its duty , Fans should be rational , Society should participate in , The law wants to do something .

This year, 6 month , The central network information office deployed and carried out a two-month project “ Qinglang ・‘ Rice circle ’ Rectify the chaos ” Special operation , Focus on cracking down on inducing minors to raise funds for aid 、 High consumption 、 Voting, making lists, etc .

In recent days, , Central network information office 、 The State Administration of radio and television and other departments announced the phased results of the rectification of bad fan culture : Cumulatively clean up negative and harmful information 15 More than ten thousand , Dispose of illegal accounts 4000 More than a , Close the problem group 1300 More than a , Dismiss bad topics 814 individual , Intercept the small program suspected of fund-raising and drainage off the shelf 39 paragraph .

Besides , Network platforms are also taking positive action .

since 6 month 15 The date of , Kwai Fu has carried out special rectification on chaos in the rice bowl , Thoroughly clean up harmful information and content , Resist the bad atmosphere in the rice circle , Key rectification “ Induce minors to pursue stars without a bottom line ” Behavior , Create a clear cyberspace , A total of illegal videos were disposed of 290 strip , Illegal accounts 110 individual .

8 month 1 Friday night , Tencent announced , Through user reporting and security patrol, it is found that , In the criminal detention of a star according to law , There are some network water forces spreading rumors and attacking on the platform 、 Induce fund-raising 、 Create topics and other harmful behaviors . The platform has seriously dealt with the accounts that publish and disseminate relevant bad information .

8 month 6 On the afternoon of Sunday , The microblog administrator wrote that , In the past year, some star fans have responded irrationally 、 Problems such as swiping the list are becoming more and more serious , Challenge the scoring mechanism of star power list , The list can not comprehensively and objectively reflect the social influence of stars , It also deviates from the ecology of healthy star powder interaction , Microblogging decided to “ Star power list ” Offline , Carry out multi-dimensional transformation and upgrading .

“ In dealing with the chaos in the rice circle , In addition to regulating the behavior of artists , We can also consider strengthening the management of fan groups through industry associations . such as , Relevant fan organizations shall be regulated by industry associations .” Li Danlin said .

But Li Danlin also pointed out , A real problem is that , How to supervise fan support organizations 、 The support Council ? This group was originally spontaneously organized by fans , Now many people see the benefits and business opportunities , Even get improper... From it 、 Illegal interests .“ There should be corresponding specifications , But who made this specification , Does a large-scale fan organization need to be registered according to law 、 Being supervised by relevant departments are all issues to be considered ”.

Li Danlin thinks , When the artist has some misconduct that does not violate the law , It is difficult for public authorities to intervene , At this time, we need the network platform to fulfill social responsibility .“ The platform connects stars and fans , Have certain management responsibilities , Early warning and adjustment shall be made to the artists with bad deeds in time , Urge them to regulate their behavior .”

Zhu Wei suggested , There should be an age limit for Teenagers Participating in the Aid Association .18 Teenagers under the age of should not participate in offline activities ; Online activities should also be in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the online information office , And information service management measures 、 Platform regulations, etc . For some problem groups , The capital side or platform should stop in time .

drawing / Gaoyue ( Zhang Shoukun Wen Yuanhao )

source : Legal Daily

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