After the Wu Yifan incident, Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang repeatedly tried to make a comeback, and the entertainment industry became a worse conference

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wu yifan incident zheng shuang

Did Wu Yifan's big melon refresh your three views some time ago ?

Although the incident has come to an end , But he let netizens see the lower limit of stars , A lot of netizens are frank , After Wu Yifan incident , I feel like eating melons “ appetite ” All raised . After all , In Wu Yifan's evil deeds 、 In front of countless , Some stars' private morality is at a disadvantage , It looks a little “ Small and small ”.

I wonder if this is the case ,8 month 9 Early in the morning , Zheng Shuang posted on the social platform “ Man, give me a way to live , I'm not a devil , I'm the little monster you love ”, Clearly ask netizens to be open , Let yourself return to the entertainment industry to make money .

This is not the first time she has been on the verge of a comeback , Just relative to this straight to the point , In the past, she used to touch porcelain hot events to “ Wash white in disorder ”.

When the disaster happened in Henan , She actively helps spread relief information , Restore your love and set up people .

When Wu Yifan incident happened , She took advantage of the confusion , Spit bitterness at netizens , Talk about your current predicament .

Even yesterday's uproar “ Married female employees are violated by senior executives ” the , She is also enthusiastic about speaking , Show your attitude and position .

If in “ Surrogacy ” Before being exposed , Any of the above sounds can firmly establish Zheng Shuang's positive image , Praised by fans , Let more people see that there is a kind heart behind this soft little girl 、 Just heart , But after the scandal , What she did was just... To more people “ Give dying kicks ”, It's her hypocritical chip to return to entertainment , Naturally, no one buys it .

In addition to Zheng Shuang's frequent “ hop �Q”, Luo Zhixiang doesn't seem to give up on the entertainment industry .

8 month 8 Friday night , When he replied to his fans on the social platform, he said frankly :“ I won't disappear , Give me some time , I will try to return to my original position ! Because there are you .” His words are full of ambition .

in fact , Luo Zhixiang was beaten by Zhou Yangqing , I have never given up my acting career .

He is active on all major platforms , Keep up to date , Maintain fans .

Set up a personal channel 《 Luo Zhixiang Show TV》.

Donation during the disaster in Henan 50 Ten thousand yuan .

Last month, I also shared a photo of recording a new song in a studio .

Now I'm still yelling to my fans to “ Go back to your original position ”, This is through Wu Yifan. Do you still have a chance ?

Although Wu Yifan is suspected of rape, it shattered Sanguan , But surrogacy abandonment 、 Cheating all year round is also unforgivable , Although the events of Zheng Shuang and Luo Zhixiang did not rise to the height of criminal detention , But the impact of public opinion is not small .

As a star , In addition to bringing excellent works , Also have the obligation to set a good example , Since you step on the moral red line , You don't have to fantasize anymore , After all, the Internet has a memory , The audience also has memories , The entertainment industry is not worse than the general assembly , Some artists really don't have to cross jump repeatedly , Let's return the entertainment circle to a pure land .

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