Bi Chang denied pregnancy and starred in a new film after divorce; Fat Ya's live broadcast is funny. She avoids losing weight

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bi chang denied pregnancy starred

《 Rural love 15》 After the extermination , The actors in the play have a temporary gap , Except that a few people devote themselves to 《 Liu Lao root 5》 Shooting , Other actors focused on the live broadcast .

8 month 8 Japan , Guan Tingna had a live broadcast , Of course, it is mainly to bring goods , From the picture , It feels like Guan Tingna and 《 Rural love 13》 There is a gap between Yang Xiaoyan in , Obviously lost a lot of weight , As for the camera problem or another reason , When a 《 Rural love 15》 I'll know after the broadcast .

And in the 8 month 9 Early morning ,《 Rural love 》 Bi Chang, who plays Wang Xiaomeng in, sent a video on the live platform , I saw her wearing suspender pajamas , Sitting in a chair , Hands dance with the melody of music .

For this video , Bi Chang explained : The leader asked me to dance , Dancing, you know , I'm done , Arms instead of legs .

It's interesting to say ,《 Rural love 》 Both Wang Xiaomeng and Wang Xiaomeng loved dancing , Wang Yabin has been on the world stage , And Bi Chang opened an art school , He often dances with Xie Yongqiang after filming . For example, in Liu Laogen's commercial performance some time ago , Bi Chang performed the dance , I wonder if Guan Tingna and Zhou Yinan, who are standing next to me, envy .

For Bi Chang's video , Many netizens leave messages asking , Is she pregnant , So you can only sit and dance with your hands instead of your legs .

exactly , From Bi Chang's loose pajamas , The abdomen is a little swollen , The shoulders are also stronger , A little fatter than before .

Maybe I saw a netizen's message , Bi Chang soon sent another video , And left a message saying : I'm not pregnant , It's fat .

Analysis is also right , Some time ago, Bi Chang was still jumping and jumping on the stage , Even danced ballet with Xie Yongqiang , If you are pregnant , It's impossible to do these actions .

The key is , Bi Chang announced his divorce at the beginning of the year , Less than half a year , How can you get pregnant ? It seems as she said , Really fat .

《 Rural love 》 Has accompanied the audience 15 year , Now, regardless of Guan Tingna's weight , Bi Chang is still fat , Everyone is very grateful for their youth for the play , Although the plot style has deviated from the original intention , however 《 Rural love 》 The joy is obvious to all , As for word of mouth , The radish cabbage , His taste , Don't worry about .

It is worth mentioning that , Compared with Guan Tingna's absolute heroine position in Zhao Benshan's disciple film ,《 Rural love 》 There are few other actresses in the , Even Bi chang , Only after the divorce , To get a movie 《 Sister, you move forward boldly 》 Woman one of , The number is far less than Guan Tingna .

Speaking of Zhao Benshan's actresses , I can't get around fat Ya recently , Especially after she got out of prison , Has always been a concern .

Yes, of course , According to relevant regulations , Now it's hard for fat ya to appear in Zhao Benshan's film and television dramas , Even Liu Laogen's big stage , No chance to perform , There's no way .

Fortunately, Pangya's mentality has been adjusted , A live broadcast platform has been opened , Sing Buddhist songs when you're free , The number of fans has exceeded 15 ten thousand .

however , From two recent videos , Fat Ya doesn't sing anymore , It's a funny scene , Although she lost her original joy after becoming thin , But still make the fans happy , It gives people the feeling that the fat girl who once made the audience laugh on the stage is gradually returning .

Since fat Ya opened the live broadcast platform , Under almost every work, netizens leave messages asking , Want to know how she lost weight , After all, before going to jail , Fat Ya is already in this shape , This is for many netizens who want to lose weight , I really want to know the reason or method .

And fat Ya's question about netizens , I have always avoided answering , Besides, the reason for his previous imprisonment may be related to this , So it's impossible to give an answer .

besides , Some netizens asked why there was no husband Yang Shulin in the video , Pangya didn't give an answer , But an analysis shows that , Yang Shulin, who has become a director, is very busy , Besides making movies , We also want to create a tourism variety of ivory mountain with song Xiaobao and others , It's estimated that it's hard to find time to shoot videos with Pangya .

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