Huo Zun Chen Lu's suspected relationship was exposed. The woman unilaterally released the photos, and the man didn't respond, which was embarrassing

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huo zun chen lu suspected

A song by Jay Chou 《 What kind of man 》 To Huo Zun .

8 month 8 Japan , Chen Lu, a female blogger who is a national second-class actor, suddenly showed a close group photo of her singer Huo Zun on her personal account , And named Huo Zun's account , Sent their own love .

At that time , Huo Zun and Chen Lu announced the news of their relationship and boarded the hot search , According to some netizens , In fact, Huo Zun and Chen Lu had been in 2014 I was photographed dating together in , At that time, the woman was still traveling with the man's family , The two families are very close .

So at first, we thought that this was the perfect love between the two after several years of long-distance love running , After all, Huo Zun is not young , It's time to find a lover to take care of yourself .

But what's unexpected is , From the woman Chen Lu “ Show love ” It's been a night , The man Huo Zun didn't move at all , She hung the woman alone , It's really embarrassing .

Netizens have begun to Chen Lu for the woman “ ' ” 了 , Some people think that the women have voluntarily announced their relationship , As a result, the man didn't move at all , I would be embarrassed to death , Others say that unless Huo Zun doesn't want to admit , Otherwise, how miserable it would be for the woman to wait all night in front of the fans of the whole network without waiting for anything , If you break up unilaterally .

Some netizens joked that it should not be the woman “ Forced marriage ” Well , How about Huo Zun .

Tell the truth , I've seen a lot of stars announcing their relationships , But one party announces the relationship and the other party is reluctant to admit it , Hardly any .

First, stars as a special group , Or you'll die. Don't publish it , But once you choose to publish , It must have been carefully considered and planned by the team , Don't ask for much heat , But we must strive to “ No mistake ”.

Even a wayward star like Lu Han , Publish without consulting the team , But I must have said hello to my lover before making it public , After the other party's consent, the relationship will be announced .

Like Chen Lu and Huo Zun this time , Both of them are dignified people , It must have been discussed before the announcement , But I just don't know why the woman made it public , The man disappeared and didn't speak , And look at the copy of the woman Chen Lu , Obviously, it left room for the man Huo Zun to respond , Huo Zun just needs to follow the woman's “ Format ”, Just bring the other person's name and a little love , What can be done in a minute , You don't have to think about other love words at all .

So this time the man hasn't responded for so long , It's easy to guess if they didn't discuss it .

Someone might ask , Will Chen Lu have a relationship with someone who broke the news before “ online celebrity ” equally , They all come to rub the heat , For example, last time I said that wanghong slept with Guo Qilin , And made up chat records ?

I think Chen Lu is not such a person , First, the woman is not a net red , A serious dancer , Very talented , And have a successful career , No shortage of opposite sex, no shortage of money , Secondly, Chen Lu appeared with Huo Zun when he was not red , It's definitely not after watching Huo Zunhong , This is essentially different from other net Reds .

I just don't know what Huo Zun thinks , I'm afraid Huo Zun will come out and respond that Chen Lu is already an ex girlfriend , The two have had a relationship, but they have separated for personality reasons .

In my hand , I still hope two people can live forever , After all, it's really a good match .

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