Tai Chi band held a solo concert in the red hall. The lead singer mourned the dead members and shed tears on the stage. Zhou Huimin was the guest

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tai chi band held solo

Hong Kong Tai Chi band celebrates the establishment of 36 Anniversary of the , Finally completed two consecutive concerts in Hong Kong Red Museum . Will use “ finally ” To describe , Because under the epidemic , It's hard to hold a concert , The Taiji band didn't expect the Hongguan to approve the performance time so soon ; In addition, the band originally held this anniversary concert happily , Unexpectedly, in the preparatory stage of the concert , Tang Yicong, one of the main members of the orchestra, died suddenly , When all the members perform together on the stage , You can imagine the kind of mood you have . finally , The two concerts ended perfectly , Pay tribute to Tang Yichong and Encore in two concerts , Lead singer Lei Youhui shed tears several times , lose self-control , The scene is moving .

Tai Chi band can be called Hong Kong palace band ,1984 Since its establishment in , Gone through 36 Years of , During these years of development, the orchestra has experienced several reorganizations , Replacement of members , From the first four to the next seven , Then to the group of six and now the group of five , Among the core members are lead singer Lei Youhui 、 Drummer Zhu Hanbo 、 Guitarist Deng Jianming 、 Keyboard player Tang Yichong 、 Bass guitarist Sheng Danhua 、 Guitarist Liu Xiande . In fact, from 1983 Since, Taiji orchestra has maintained a lineup of six core members until 2021 year ,2021 In, he became five members , Because Tang Yicong died .

The reason why Taiji band can be called Hong Kong palace band , Not just because they've been around for a long time , Have influence , It is also because the band members are also very influential in Hong Kong Music , Influenced generations and countless singers . Especially Deng Jianming 、 Tang Yichong 、 Liu Xiande , If you are concerned about Hong Kong music, you will , I believe you will notice that their names will frequently appear in the production list of many singers , Tang Yichong should be the most common one 、 Both creative 、 Production as one of the musicians , Yes 、 Made countless excellent works , So his death was very shocking , It can be said to be a huge loss for the Tai Chi band .

Tai Chi band has held five large-scale concerts in Hong Kong Red Museum , Respectively in 1988 year , And their debut 10 Anniversary of the 、15 Anniversary of the 、20 Anniversary of the 、27 Hold a concert on the anniversary , Later concerts are no longer held in whole numbers , Such as debut 27 The annual concert , And the recent debut 36 The annual concert , After all, with the development of the Orchestra , Form and meaning have become less important . Today's debut 36 The annual concert , I just wanted to give back to my fans , After all, they have 9 There was no big concert in , Unexpectedly, in the process of preparation , Tang Yicong, one of the core members, died unfortunately , Make this concert special .

The Tai Chi band is preparing for its debut 36 At the anniversary concert , The red house hasn't approved the schedule yet , But the band has started training and rehearsal , And two months after Tang Yichong's death , They suddenly received a reply from the red house , It's like a gift from Tang Yichong to the Tai Chi band , So the band adjusted the content and form of the performance , In the performance, a special link to Miss Tang Yicong was added , It also invites different artists to perform in the two performances , So there was a Tai Chi band. Rare guests in the concert came on the stage to sing , It's like a platter singing scene . The original intention of Taiji band is to make a noise , Let's commemorate Tang Yicong in a special form , As a result, lead singer Lei Youhui felt too much , Several tears shed on the stage .

8 month 7 Japan 、8 month 8 Two days in a row , Tai Chi band debut 36 The anniversary concert was staged , The content of the two performances 、 The song list is similar , It's all about 《 Silent storm 》 Kicked off , After is 《 Storm red lips 》、《 Red sports car 》, Members are full of feelings , Hard to hide excitement , Love with songs . The highlight of the two performances is the tribute to Tang Yicong , Taiji band has invited many guests to the stage in each performance , Let's perform the works created or made by Tang Yicong on the spot .

The first guest is Zheng Zhongji 、 Zhou huimin 、 Zhang Jingxuan 、 Xiaofei, wait , Among them, Zheng Zhongji deduces 《 Waste medium 》, Zhang Jingxuan performed 《 Passion 》, Zhou Huimin performed 《 Excuse me 》, Zhou Huimin's appearance is the highlight of this performance , She recalled the scene of her first cooperation with Tang Yichong , And publicly thank each other for their help . And among the guests in the second scene , The most eye-catching is ye Qianwen . Ye Qianwen has not performed publicly for a long time , The last time I stepped on the stage of the red hall should have been 2019 At Zheng Xiuwen's concert in , This time in memory of Tang Yichong , Her coming out of the mountain again became the biggest surprise , Although she didn't say much , But it still won the cheers of the audience .

In two concerts , In fact, what I feel most is the lead singer Lei Youhui , He has to cooperate with the guests in every performance , Sing Tang Yichong's works with them , Every time he sang, he had to hold back the waves in his heart , But in the end, I still couldn't resist . At the concert “ Encore ” Part of , Lei Youhui made a speech , It means the band lost a member , But we will still stick to the end , After the 《 Never say goodbye in your life 》、《 Keep me 》 Two works are dedicated to Tang Yichong , Because of too much excitement , I can't hide my nostalgia , During his performance, he burst into tears 、 Choking , And the audience kept singing , Sing for him , The scene was quite moving . And although the whole scene atmosphere is slightly sad , But also full of power , It's very shocking , I believe Tang Yicong has a spirit in heaven , Will also be pleased .

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