"Brother full of bull spirit" the water is too powerful! Netizen: I didn't see it. My little brother is too delicious

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brother bull spirit water powerful

《 A vigorous brother 》 After the broadcast , Many people like it very much , The big brother team has Wang Yaoqing 、 Wu Qilong 、 Cai Guoqing and others have their own styles , Very attractive , And Chen Xuedong in the little brother team 、 Huang Minghao 、 Wang Yanlin and others also make people feel beautiful and wise . in general 《 A vigorous brother 》 Everyone is evenly matched , Play the game seriously , Full of wisdom .

because 《 A vigorous brother 》 The evaluation after the broadcast was very good , The second season will be arranged immediately , But because it's the year of the ox , So the program was renamed 《 A big brother 》. The guests of this season's program have changed a lot , The big brother team consists of Wang Yaoqing 、 Wu Qilong 、 Vivia 、 Yan Yikuan 、 Composed of Qiao Zhenyu . The younger brother's team is composed of song Weilong 、 Zeng Shun ��、 Qi Sijun 、 Chen Li Nong 、 Xing Zhaolin .

And after a few episodes , Netizens are not optimistic about , I make complaints about it . Some netizens commented on :“ After reading the new issue , Direct black question mark face . If the big brother can't hide, the little brother will finish the task in ten minutes ! All skill cards are given away if rounded , Come out and kill, and the security guard stopped . One life for another, people can do the task of resurrection .”

Speak true , The new program is a little crazy , Start with hide and seek , We found out , The little brother team has always been doing tasks , For a time, people wondered what they were doing ? As a result, the little brothers got a lot of return cards through various games . therefore , After Cai Guoqing was pressed in the back , Back again . After being pressed again , Come back . The original program is not 5V5, This is a 5V8 ah ? In addition to the return card , Little brother also has a life transfer card , Anyway, is it the difference between RMB players and ordinary players ?

This is not the most confusing , Because the rules of the program group are , The big brother can press the button on the little brother , The little brother immediately eliminated . In itself, this is surprise , An attack in the back . I don't know , A large group of security guards surrounded behind the little brother , The big brother wants to press the little brother , To cross the heavy sea of people ! It's not 5V8 了 , yes 5V80 The rhythm of !

Regarding this , Netizens also reply ;“ Because this little brother is really too delicious . The first phase was directly killed to no one left , I'm also true. I didn't expect .”

The most unexpected thing is , The little brothers used so many cards , It's just hanging up , I lost in the end . Let the water go so obviously and still lose , Everyone has to doubt , This season's little brother really doesn't have a smart partner ! Because the strength doesn't match , Forced drainage , It really makes people feel lost fun .

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