The grand finale of the northern frog and the Southern Yuan has many attractions. It seems that the whole family is happy, but it hides the sadness of life

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Although there are not many topics , But the heat always exists 《 North frog and south pole 》 It's over . After a month of broadcasting , We saw the big and small things that happened to the five heroines in a year . Dai Xiaoyu said to her father at the end of the TV play , She has experienced too much this year , Want to go out for a walk . But let's review what each heroine has experienced in this year , You will find that it is no less than wearing Xiaoyu . And the end of the whole play , It is the intersection of sadness and joy .

While watching the last few episodes , Someone in the barrage is sighing : It's over ! But more people are evaluating the level of this end . Some people think the ending is too hasty , Incomplete account , And it's a bad ending ; Some people are just the opposite , Boasting is really a TV play of a great director , I feel very moving . And in my opinion , The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages . This ending cannot be simply “he”(happy end Good ending ) Or is it “be”(bad end Bad ending ) To sum up , It's not that simple . It is joy in sorrow 、 There is sorrow in joy , It shines into reality , It's intriguing .

“ I am a naughty child , Laugh and laugh every day ……” This is the ending song that will be played at the end of each episode . The end is pushed forward in laughter : You Shanshan 、 Dai Xiaoyu and her husband spent their holidays abroad very leisurely , Feng Xi 、 Zhao Henan flirts in his new home , Si Meng 、 Du Shijun thanked and understood each other , Bao Xue 、 Yu Songyang hugged each other on the cliff and shouted , The most important thing is that all the protagonists have a video phone together , There is a lively atmosphere of Chinese New Year reunion . Such a description makes people feel , This is not he What is it? ?

But from the perspective of a serious audience , Their laughter can always easily arouse a sad mood .

You Shanshan 、 Dai Xiaoyu smiled at each other at the seaside , Dai Xiaoyu gently leaned against you Shanshan's shoulder , Behind these expressions and actions is the pity of losing the most friendly and important people . You Shanshan is a strong woman, but she is also a poor person , Her black brother is related to her 、 There are three levels of love and spiritual support , But black brother got cancer and left her ; Bai Jinghui, played by Liu Xiaoqing, has no blood relationship to say , Naturally, it's Dai Xiaoyu's grandmother who can't kiss anymore , The scene of Dai Xiaoyu at the dinner table with her grandmother after losing her fertility and the scene of reading her will , It is a true portrayal of grandma's love for her granddaughter , But grandma left her because of myocardial infarction .

Bao Xue and Yu Songyang shouted and hugged each other on the cliff , Shout out the true love , Embrace the running in after many different opinions , For both of them , The sadness of this play is the pain caused by their different values in love ; The couple of Si Meng and Du Shijun not only reflect the feelings of the two people in reality , It's more about how women weigh their future and family , Si Meng finishes her novel by the sea, which always reminds people of her busy work for her family in the early stage 、 The sadness of losing yourself .

Everyone will think that Feng Xi is the sweetest and happiest couple , In fact it is . Feng Xi experienced the least among the five heroines , Get the most , This year , She gained career and love , The only sadness , Is to lose the boyfriend who spent ten years of his youth following . But this is not a complete sense of pain , Because I don't leave him , She can't be with Zhao Henan , The so-called old don't go, the new don't come .

Outlines the ending of the five heroines , You will find that the life track of these five people is full of understanding of reality . Life is a mixture of sadness and joy, with ups and downs , Such as “ North frog and south pole ” equally , You won't go in the direction you expect . The original title of the play has already implied , It won't end well .

Finally , I would also like to mention a bright spot at the end , But it also leaves a small loophole because of this bright spot . The ending adopts the way of freeze frame for the protagonists and setting farewell subtitles , Send off the characters one by one , Step by step close to the end of the play . I have to say this way is very ceremonial , When each character stops , Or sad , Or calm , Or excited , Can remind the audience of his memory . Such a freeze frame gives people a sense of blockbuster viewing , Then the emotional rendering is also in place , Very distinctive . As for loopholes , That is, Liu Liangzhou doesn't have picture freeze frame and farewell subtitles , This disappointed many viewers . However, it may be because Liu Liangzhou is not the leading role !

To make a long story short ,《 North frog and south pole 》 The ending is well designed , Whether it's the plot, the presentation of the picture, or the expression of the theme , It's beyond many TV dramas .

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