Yang qianmei is like a carbuncle μ Interesting, the countryside gets along with each other, make complaints about life.

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yang qianmei carbuncle interesting countryside

stay 《 Men doing housework Season 3 》 in , Ding Zigao and Yang Qian � Beauty blows closer � Going to experience a day of farm work . But Yang Qian � Buy it now � I don't agree with this idea at first , But Ding Zigao insisted on , Yang Qian � The rice scandium stack is choked ∽ It's so noisy ∈ I'm going to have to wait for you 4 Commission � You can see in the state of people and cars , Although their daily life in front of the camera is against each other , But the feelings between each other are deep , Ding Zigao held Yang Qian tightly all the way � Mei ne frame �

Come to the destination , Ding Zigao and Yang Qian � Mi Bu � Start to experience local transportation ―― Ride a tricycle . Yang Qian � It's too early 2 Speech sickness ⒉ Huan Yi � Up there , But encouraged by Ding Zigao , She still sat up bravely , And really feel the plain romance . In fact, for Yang Qian � Coal investment ∽ Carbuncle, er, this burden � This is also a very unique experience . On weekdays, they are busy with their work , Under the heavy pressure of urban life , How can I have so much time to relax in the countryside ?

New to the countryside , Both husband and wife are new to everything , They also took the initiative to pick up hoes to work . But the funny thing is , Ding Zigao began to stand in Yang Qian again � It's hard to avoid polonium � Enzyme tarrow � Yang Qian � Fan flatter, grab the Oracle, practice fat cherry � Ding Zigao kept talking . The guests thought this was Ding Zigao's personal habit , But in Yang Qian � Every fool � Ding Zigao is just “ whole ” she .

In Yang Qian � Meng Tan Ascaris ∠ Far away ∽ Carbuncle ⑵⑵� When , Ding Zigao said “ Your clothes look like traffic police ”,“ Was it yesterday ( Drive ) I didn't pass the exam , So I can't forget ”. Under several blows , Yang Qian � The trade ditch has failed 2 also � Ding Zigao sees Yang Qian � The enzyme covered samarium Torr � after , Will still take the initiative to help .

Take advantage of the rest time of farm work , Ding Zigao and Yang Qian � Each vinegar dish is engraved with a rake � I began to feel what life looked like . When you go through a desperate life , I can't help thinking about what people live for . No one can always live in their youngest 、 The most energetic moment , Time is constantly changing , I'm changing , The people around me are also changing . Even Yang Qian � A beach Ascaris 「 zinc � Before, I ignored my emotions because I pursued the results too much .

What is the most important thing in life ? Yang Qian � Meng title � It's not success , It's failure . Only when one knows how to fail , From disappointment to lovelorn , If life is plain sailing , Then we can never know how to be at our best .

Perhaps this is also the greatest feeling brought by pastoral life , When you come into contact with nature , The things that once bothered you seem to be disappearing . Ding Zigao sighed with emotion , Only in this environment can we talk about life , After all, at home , Maybe after a busy day, people will want to lie in bed and rest , I don't even have the experience of thinking .

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