The famous noodle brothers of Deyun Club teased each other, and Zhang Yunlei and Yang Hetong interacted live with each other

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famous noodle brothers deyun club

8 month 6 Japan , Deyun Club Zhang Yunlei opened the mode of interaction with fans , Brother braid not only brings happiness to fans in the live studio , Also actively interact with lemons on social platforms , Amused many netizens . See this , Some netizens also asked , What did Zhang Yunlei interact with his fans ? It's nothing , Brother braid took a group photo with Yang Hetong , Then turn to fans , Give Yang Hetong to P It's just a drop .

See this , Someone said so , Brother braid is bad at learning , They began to bully Yang Hetong . This problem is not rigorous , Doesn't braid brother Zhang Yunlei bully him at ordinary times ? Of course , Yang Hetong didn't let brother braid do whatever he wanted , Also fought back online , I don't believe I didn't turn to him . Of course , The source of Yang Hetong's confidence is , For this group of fans who are too busy to watch , Give someone to P Drop no P Well .

Besides , Zhang Yunlei is still fighting against his fans in the live studio , In order to better interact with Zhang Yunlei , Also moved a small hand , Start helping director Yang Hetong . See this funny scene , Many netizens said that actors from Deyun society can play , Easily brought up the topic , Also let many netizens participate in it . Yes , The reason why Deyun society actors can be so , That is, the strong support of fans . Need to know , As a practitioner in traditional industries , The support of fans is very necessary , Every corner of Deyun club puts fans at the top of their hearts .

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